The best trade is no trade

Carlos Boozer is in the final year of his contract and wanted to be traded in the off-season.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Sometimes, the best "deadline deals" are the ones you don't make, because keeping a player, despite his known weaknesses, can frequently end up being better than acquiring a new one with new "flaws."

There were six "big name" players bandied about last week in trade rumors, who didn't get traded. In almost every instance, they played better than "normal" over the weekend. Perhaps, it's because the pressure of the trade deadline is gone and the unknown future is now known. It doesn't really matter to the fantasy owner, the only thing that matters is that your player's production is up.

Let's look at these guys and how they have performed since the trade deadline passed last Thursday.

Carlos Boozer, Utah - The Miami Heat made a late run at Boozer, trying to pry the power forward away from the Jazz. He's in the final year of his contract and wanted to be traded in the off-season, but it appears he's happy to be playing the rest of the season with the suddenly hot Jazz. He posted a monster 22-point, 23-rebound effort last night against Portland. As long as he stays healthy, he'll perform.

Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia - Before Dallas traded for Caron Butler, there had been plenty of talk about getting Iguodala from the 76ers for Josh Howard. Andre has put together two solid efforts against the Spurs and Bulls since the deadline. The 76ers didn't make any significant moves at the deadline, so Iguodala will have to continue to fill the stats sheet.

Michael Beasley, Miami - The Beasley-Amare Stoudemire trade rumors were out there for weeks, but in the end the Heat kept their 2008 draft choice. From his 21.0 ppg average, it looks like his happy to be staying near South Beach. With Dwyane Wade hurting, Beasley has to pick up the slack, but he'll likely return to "normal" when Wade steps back on the floor.

Amare Stoudemire, Phoenix - For the second consecutive season the Suns dangled Stoudemire as trade bait and for the second straight year he didn't go anywhere. He pounded the boards over the weekend averaging 11-per-game. A motivated Stoudemire is a very good player.

Kirk Hinrich, Chicago - "I guess they appreciate what I do and I'm going to try to keep doing it," said Hinrich after playing Friday night. "I'm glad I'm still here. This is where I wanted to be." It showed in his game as he averaged 18.5 ppg over the weekend.

Troy Murphy, Indiana - The Pacers have been trying to trade Murphy all season, but couldn't get a deal done.

Selected "On the trading block" players
Player Season PPG RPG APG After Deadline PPG RPG APG
Carlos Boozer   19.4 10.9 3.2  26.0 19.5 4.0
Andre Iguodala  17.2 6.9 5.8  21.5 7.5 6.5
Michael Beasley  15.8 6.7 1.3  21.0 5.5 3.0
Amare Stoudemire  21.4 8.7 1.0  20.5 11.0 0.0
Kirk Hinrich  10.6 3.6 4.4  18.5 2.5 4.5
Troy Murphy  13.8 10.0 2.0  11.5 9.5 4.0

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