Now is not the time to let your mind wander

Ryan Howard has a career OPS which jumps 168 points after the All-Star break.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - The Home Run Derby is over, the All-Star game has been completed and you have been relaxing for the last couple of days with no lineups to change or boxscores to check, but now is not the time to relax.

This is an important time of year, both for real life general managers and fantasy general managers. Both have to make sure their rosters are set for the run to the finish and with trade deadlines approaching, it's no time to relax or let your mind wander to NFL training camps.

Sure, it's a fun to think about drafting Adrian Peterson or when to select Tom Brady, but there will be plenty of time for that in late August and September. Not now.

A couple of weeks ago I did a six-part series on those hitters who have a history of better second-half production than first half. You would be wise to go back and check the numbers out.

Knowing a player such as Jimmy Rollins, who has struggled mightily this season, has a career OPS 78 points higher in the second half could help you improve your squad. If he's on your team, you don't want to "give" him away because of his frustrating first half. If he's available for trade, you might get him for less than his expected second half value.

Or that Ryan Howard has a career OPS which jumps 168 points after the All-Star break. Or that Carlos Quentin who is just coming back from a long visit to the DL and might be available for trade at a reasonable price, has a career OPS 155 points higher after the break.

Below is a list of all hitters who have a second half OPS of at least 100 points above his pre-All-Star break OPS. But 100 points is just an artificial number, you should check out every player you are interested in to see what their history says about their second half production and adjust your rosters accordingly.

Career First Half-Second Half Statistics
Player Team Pos 1st Half OPS 2nd Half OPS Difference
Mike Aviles KC SS 0.655 0.840 +0.185
Ryan Howard PHI 1B 0.882 1.050 +0.168
Carlos Quentin CWS OF 0.802 0.957 +0.155
Chris Young AZ OF 0.666 0.819 +0.153
Adam LaRoche PIT 1B 0.771 0.907 +0.136
Asdrubal Cabrera CLE 2B 0.687 0.823 +0.136
Stephen Drew AZ SS 0.706 0.837 +0.131
Luke Scott BAL OF 0.795 0.924 +0.129
Robinson Cano NYY 2B 0.752 0.884 +0.128
Shin-Soo Choo CLE OF 0.800 0.927 +0.127
Troy Tulowitzki COL SS 0.710 0.835 +0.125
Mark Ellis OAK 2B 0.688 0.793 +0.106
Nick Markakis BAL OF 0.810 0.913 +0.103

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