Trout by the numbers
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Mike Trout loves leaping over fences to make catches. But when it comes to the radar, he prefers flying under it.

Seriously ... the Angels outfielder might be the least talked about superstar in MLB history.

I guess he has Chris Davis and Miguel Cabrera to thank for that. How else could a .333 hitter with an OPS in the trillions receive as little attention as Trout is getting right now?

While A-Rod and others are out grabbing all the headlines, Trout just keeps plugging away.

Some of his accomplishments this year have been downright spectacular. Here are a few examples.

1. Have any of you guys been watching the Little League World Series? Trout was playing in that about a year ago.

Okay, so he's not that young. But at age 22, there's an excellent chance Trout has no idea who Woody Allen is.

The point is, Trout's OPS is over a thousand (1.004) and not many 22-year-olds in the world can say that. In fact, the last 22-year-old to finish the year with an OPS that high was Prince Fielder back in 2007.

2. While we're on the subject of OPS, Trout's current lifetime OPS (.949) is higher than Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, Ken Griffey Jr., Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Alex Rodriguez and Hack Wilson.

Cooperstown, anyone?

3. Trout is on the cusp of doing something only two players have accomplished since 2000. Vladimir Guerrero and Ryan Braun are the only players in that span to have logged back-to-back seasons of 30 HR, 30 steals and a .300 batting average. Trout, who hit .326 with 30 HR and 49 SB in 2012, already has 28 steals and 21 long balls this season.

4. If sabermetrics was a religion, we'd all be praying to Mike Trout.

Why? Because if there's anything we know about those sabermetrics nerds it's that they absolutely LOVE wins above replacement. And Mike Trout is the king of that.

Trout's 18.1 WAR since the start of 2012 blows everyone else's out of the water. Robinson Cano is a distant second at 13.9 while Miguel Cabrera ranks third at 13.7.

5. And you probably thought we were all done talking about WAR.


Trout did something pretty amazing last season. He led the league in both WAR (10.9) and stolen bases (49). The last player before him to do that? Rickey Henderson in 1990 (65 steals, 9.9 WAR).

Since 1970, only three human beings have produced a higher WAR than the one Trout posted in 2012. Their names are Barry Bonds, Cal Ripken and Joe Morgan.

Not a bad group to be a part of.

6. Being fast is one thing. Being a great base stealer is quite another.

What makes Trout so incredible is that he hardly ever gets caught. In 90 career stolen base attempts, he's only been called out nine times. That 90 percent success rate is higher than any of the 15 players with 25 or more steals this season.

7. Trout really is the complete package. Not only is he fast and a great hitter but he's also one of the most durable players in the game. As of Monday, he's appeared in 122 of the Angels' 123 games this season. Only six players in the American League have been in the lineup more frequently. Billy Butler, Robinson Cano, Prince Fielder, Adam Jones, Manny Machado and Alexei Ramirez are the only AL players who have yet to miss a game.

8. Trout has been especially hot recently. Since June 1st, he's hitting .367. To put that in perspective, here is how some of the league's other top hitters have fared over that span.

Miguel Cabrera: .350

Andrew McCutchen: .337

David Ortiz: 323

Yadier Molina: .302

Chris Davis: .268

Score one for Trout. Man, this guy's cleaning up.

9. Trout is playing like a superstar but he definitely isn't getting paid like one. Five hundred and sixty seven major league players will earn more than Trout in 2013 ($510,000).

A-Rod makes roughly $179,000 per game, which means that he could out-earn Trout in less than a week.

Miguel Cabrera, the likely American League MVP, will make about 41 times what Trout makes this season.

Seriously, somebody needs to get this guy a better agent.

10. Trout is an on base machine. In fact, he's reached base at least once in each of his last 40 games. That streak is the third-longest in the majors this season behind Michael Cuddyer's 46-gamer and Cabrera's 44-gamer. Trout's is the longest active streak.

With 23 more games reaching base, Trout will tie Orlando Cabrera for the longest on-base streak in club history.

11. Would you believe me if I told you that 24 teams passed on Trout in the 2009 MLB Draft?

Well, it's true. The Angels got him with the 25th pick in that year's draft.

In case you're wondering, only two of the 24 players drafted before Trout have gone on to play in an All-Star Game (Stephen Strasburg and Aaron Crow).

Ever heard of a sophomore slump, Mike? I guess not.

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