Fantasy baseball still alive and well

Ryan Madson is owned in less than 30% of all leagues.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Everyone in the industry knows that fantasy football is king, but just because the NFL season started on Thursday, doesn't mean you should ignore your fantasy baseball teams.

There are still two weeks left in the season and a few points here or there can be the difference between winning and losing. If you are battling for the championship, you are probably still paying attention.

But even if you are not in the top-three you should continue to change your lineups as if you were.

If you are in a rotisserie league, then you should respect the game enough to continue to battle in each category. If you just give up and become an "absentee owner" then you might accidently change the outcome of the league.

If you drop in just one category, it may allow one of the league leaders to gain a point and determine the championship. Therefore if you have any respect for the other owners, you should battle to the end.

In one of my leagues last year, we had a change at the top of the charts in the final two days. In fact, the top-three owners changed positions in the final week. I ended up second, one point behind the winner, but what a great final week it was.

And one of the primary reasons it came down to the last day was that our owners, all 10 of us, didn't quit. One particular owner, who was in seventh place (out of 10), didn't give up in a pitching category and by continuing to fight, moved up one spot in "Wins."

But it was so close in so many categories, that the race was in doubt until the final day. There was a one-run gap between the first and sixth-place owners that would have made a difference in the final champion. Also a four-home run gap, a two-win gap, a one stolen base gap and an seven-strikeout gap all of which would have changed the final outcome.

A possible late-season pickup in your league could be Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Ryan Madson. With Brad Lidge pitching so poorly (10 blown saves), manager Charlie Manuel has used Madson as his closer. Since August 26th, Madson has collected a win and four saves. Better still, he's owned in less than 30% of all leagues.

So please, play the season out to the end and your fellow owners will applaud your effort.

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