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A ninth inning phone call
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Seattle made a call to the bullpen.

I made one to my dad.

DAD: Jesse? (He sounds half-asleep)

JESSE: Sorry. Were you up?

DAD: Yeah, I'm up. (Sure you were)

JESSE: Are you aware of what's happening?

DAD: No, what's going on?

JESSE: Do you have the Red Sox game on?

DAD: Weren't they losing 7-1? (He sounds confused)

JESSE: Not anymore. Check the score.

(I hear him fumble for the remote)

DAD: They're making a comeback?

JESSE: I'll say. It's 7-6.

DAD: Are you sure? The TV says 7-3.

JESSE: That can't be right. I'm following it on the Internet and it says 7-6. Maybe you're on delay.

DAD: That would be quite a delay.

JESSE: Well, who's up right now?

DAD: Looks like ... number two, that's Ellsbury. Ellsbury's up.

JESSE: Watch. He's going to walk.

DAD: You're right. That was ball four. It looks like Seattle's making a pitching change.

JESSE: You're definitely behind. Did you press pause at any point? (My dad is good at many things. DirecTV is not one of them.)

DAD: Wait, let me check.

JESSE: You gotta tell me what's happening. MLB Network is showing the Pirates/Cardinals game so I'm not seeing any of this. (Fios doesn't carry NESN. On a related note, Fios is evil.)

DAD: I guess I must have paused it. Fast-forwarding now.

JESSE: Is it live yet?

DAD: Almost there ... okay it's live. Whoa. You're right. It's 7-6 with nobody out. (Told ya)

JESSE: This is crazy. It was 7-2 to start the inning.

DAD: That's strike three. Ortiz is out. Still runners on first and second.

JESSE: Okay, who's up?

DAD: It looks like ... is that Napoli or Gomes? I can't tell anyone apart because they all have beards. (Fair point)

JESSE: Let me check ...

DAD: No wait, that's Gomes.

JESSE: Yeah, it is Gomes. Speaking of Gomes, did you see that double play he made last night?

DAD: I don't think so. What inning was it in?

JESSE: The 15th.

DAD: Then I definitely didn't see it. (My dad's rule of thumb: if the game goes longer than 11 innings, I'm Tivo-ing the rest of it)

JESSE: He made a diving catch in left field and then ran all the way to second for the double play.

DAD: Really? I've never seen anybody do that before.

JESSE: Me neither. What's the count?

DAD: It's 2-2 now. Here's the pitch. Oh, that was a close one.

JESSE: Was it a ball?

DAD: Barely. The Amica Pitch Zone said it was a little high.

JESSE: Or as Jerry Remy calls it, "the Amiker Pitch Zone." (God bless him)

DAD: Gomes just hit it ...

JESSE: Where did it go? What happened?

DAD: Single up the middle. Victorino rounding third and ... he scores!

JESSE: Wow. Was it a close play?

DAD: No, they cut off the throw.

JESSE: I like your call. You were like Joe Castiglione for a second.

(He laughs)

DAD: I did my best.

JESSE: I think Drew's up next.

DAD: That's not great.

JESSE: He had the game-winning hit last night.

DAD: I guess he's been doing a little better lately.

JESSE: This actually messes up my fantasy team. I have Felix Hernandez and now he's not gonna get the win. (Story of my life)

DAD: First pitch is a ball.

JESSE: This better not go into extra innings. I don't think the bullpen can handle two nights in a row like this. (Koji Uehara's right arm WILL fall off this season. I'm sure of it.)

DAD: I know. Can you imagine if you were one of the fans who left when it was 7-1? (Flashback to Game 6 of the NBA Finals: aren't Heat fans adorable?)

JESSE: Can you imagine if I hadn't called you?

DAD: I'd still be asleep.

JESSE: So you WERE asleep?

DAD: Maybe a little bit. (Finally, he admits it)

JESSE: What's the count?

DAD: That's about to be ... ball four. Bases loaded.

JESSE: Wow. This is insane.

DAD: Nava's up next.

JESSE: I can't believe MLB Network isn't showing this. The Cardinals are up 13-0 and they're still showing that game. That's just mind-boggling to me.

DAD: Yeah, that doesn't make any sense. Did they show it last night when it went into extra innings?

JESSE: No! It was in the 15th inning and they were still showing Yankees/Dodgers. I don't understand MLB Network. (Seriously, MLB Network. You need to step up your game.)

DAD: Crowd's really getting excited now.

JESSE: Did most of them stay?

DAD: Yeah, it looks like there's still a lot of people there.

JESSE: You know what's funny?

DAD: What?

JESSE: The only out this inning was made by Ortiz. Who would have thought that? (Not this guy)

DAD: I didn't even think of that. That's kind of ironic. So now all we need is a sac fly.

JESSE: Just don't hit into a double play.

DAD: Here it is. Center field, deep ... game over!

JESSE: Are you kidding me? Was it a home run?

DAD: Off the wall. Center fielder didn't even try for it.

JESSE: This is unbelievable! A six-run ninth inning comeback.

DAD: You should see this. They're chasing Nava around the bases.

JESSE: We have to have the most walk-offs in the league.

DAD: Oh definitely.

JESSE: Although, Texas had three in a row earlier this week.

DAD: I saw that. Beltre hit one of them.

JESSE: They were all home runs too.

DAD: Now they're interviewing Nava.

JESSE: Oh, of course. Now MLB Network is switching to the game.

DAD: You see the Nava hit?

JESSE: They're showing it right now. Wow, he crushed that.

DAD: Did Tampa Bay play tonight?

JESSE: Nope. Now we're in first by a full game.

DAD: Wow. What a game.

JESSE: Thanks for broadcasting it for me.

DAD: How did I do?

JESSE: Not bad. You're not quite on Don Orsillo's level yet but you'll get there.

DAD: I'm sure I will.

JESSE: Me too.

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