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Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - The point guard position has changed over the years from a purely distributing job to one which has now added scoring and even rebounding to the job requirements.

And no player better comprises all the qualities of a point guard in 2010-11 than New Orleans guard Chris Paul. While his scoring totals took a dip for the second consecutive year (from 22.8 in 2008-09 to 18.7 to 15.9 in 2010-11), he continues to fill the entire boxscore. He's led the league in assists in two of the past four seasons and in steals in three of four including a league- leading 2.4 spg this year.

While he used to be a clear cut choice when he was averaging more than 20 points-per-game, he's still our No.1 selection because of his all-around game.

Derrick Rose won the NBA MVP award and is leading his team as they battle for the NBA championship, but he finished second to Paul in the fantasy world. Despite being almost 10 point better in the scoring column, Rose lost out to Paul in almost every other statistical category. Still, it was a great season for Rose and he'll likely overtake Paul next season.

Had Deron Williams not been traded to the New Jersey Nets at mid-season, he likely would have been the No.1 point guard in all of fantasy. The change effected all of Williams' shooting percentages, sending them in a downward spiral and though he dished out more assists-per-game with the Nets, the rise couldn't compensate for the drop in field goal, three-point shooting and free throw percentages. Still, what fantasy owner wouldn't want a point guard who can post 20-10 every night?

Russell Westbrook plays a game similar to Rose and his assist total benefits from playing alongside the NBA scoring leader in Kevin Durant. If Westbrook's three-point shooting, a detriment in 2009-10 (22.1%), can continue to improve next season as it did in 2010-11 (33.0%), he too could fight for the "top fantasy point guard" label.

Stephen Curry is the best shooting point guard in the NBA. He also plays in an up tempo system which allows for more possessions than on most teams. If Curry can just manage to deal a few more assists a game, he can challenge for point guard supremacy. Unfortunately, that probably won't happen as long as Monta Ellis plays alongside him and Curry will be "relegated" to the No.5 spot again next season.

Veterans Steve Nash, Raymond Felton, Rajon Rondo, Tony Parker and rookie John Wall make up the bottom half of the top-10. While the veterans are unlikely to move into the top-five, Wall could make the jump to elite status if he can improve his shooting percentages and take better care of the ball (3.8 turnovers-per-game).

Selected 2010-11 Point Guard Statistics
Chris Paul, NO15.
Derrick Rose, CHI25.
Deron Williams, NJ20.
Russell Westbrook, OKC21.
Stephen Curry, GS18.
Steve Nash, PHO14.73.511.
Raymond Felton, DEN15.
Rajon Rondo, BOS10.64.411.
Tony Parker, SAS17.
John Wall, WAS16.

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