Foye value skyrocketing

Randy Foye may be benefitting the most from Gilbert Arenas' absence.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - In every avenue of life, there are people getting in trouble or down on their luck and other people taking advantage of the situation.

A few investors bought stocks last year while the economy was in the toilet and prices were depressed and some of them will make huge profits when the prices rebound. A lawyer might follow an ambulance to an accident scene, or stop at one, to gain a client for their financial gain (thus the term ambulance chaser). Construction companies flocked to New Orleans after the hurricane to take advantage of business opportunities.

For a fantasy owner, it's picking up a player who replaces an injured starter. or in this case, a Washington point guard who was suspended for possession of an unlicensed gun.

Randy Foye seems to be the player who's value is jumping the most because of Gilbert Arenas' problems. With increased court time, Foye has drastically improved his fantasy value from the beginning of the season.

In November, Foye was averaging just 6.7 ppg in 17 minutes of playing time. The numbers didn't improve in December either. But with Arenas' suspension, Foye as gotten addition playing time and used it very well.

Through eight January games, Foye is averaging almost 33 minutes and scoring 16.1 ppg, pulling down 2.9 rebounds and handing out 5.3 assists. The numbers are even more dramatic when looking after Arenas' last game on January 5th. Suddenly Foye has become "fantasy-worthy."

Most important for you, the reader and fantasy owner, is that he might still be available in your league. He is only owned in 68% of all leagues meaning you have a one-in-three chance of being able to get him for a simple waiver claim.

With Arenas unlikely to be back this season, if you are looking for guard help, Foye would seem to be the answer.

2010 Randy Foye split statistics
Thru January 5th3117:327.
January 6th on638:2720.

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