If one is good, isn't two better?

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - If the best day in your fantasy league is when all the guys get together to draft their teams (other than the day you clinch the title), then doesn't it stand to reason that having two drafts would be better than just one?

In one of my fantasy leagues we do just that - playing two halves in both baseball and football.

Not one fantastic draft day, but two per sport with the first baseball draft in March and a second in late June. We play two 10-week baseball seasons which finishes up around the end of August.

The two-season theory has the added bonus of not having to deal with September call ups and the confusion that the 40-man roster brings to the table.

The two halves also benefit teams where their star or stars are injured and have made their roster non-competitive. There is nothing worse than your best players getting injured early in the year and being out of it before the end of May.

Sort of like being a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

I can still recall, painfully, the 1984 fantasy football team that was ruined when my No.1 draft choice Curt Warner, coming off a 1,449-yard, 13-TD rookie season, blew out his knee 10 carries into the season opener against the Cleveland Browns. What remained was 15 weeks of pure torture.

That injury was the main impetus for our trying the two-half system and we have never looked back.

The late-August baseball finish also allows for everyone to get in their Labor Day vacations, "re-acquainting" themselves with their families, before the beginning of the NFL fantasy season.

We just completed our second-half draft on Friday night. After finishing a disappointing second-place (I was ahead with two days to go), the draft was just the right "medicine" to get my fantasy juices flowing again.

It was another great day of food and beverages, camaraderie and draft choices.

While I loved my first-half team, led by Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes and Josh Hamilton - my second half roster has a few more holes in it. They are going to need a bit more managing to bring home gold, silver or bronze.

And the injury bug has already taken its toll on my squad. Cleveland Indians outfielder Shin-Soo Choo was hit by a pitch on Friday night breaking his left thumb. He's on the disabled list and if surgery is required could be out for six-to-seven weeks.

But the good news is that if I can't fix the team's problems, the end of the season isn't that far away.

In future pieces I'll let you know how the second half turns out along with my decision-making process for any trades and pickups along the way.

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