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Still a Little Left in the Tank

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - No NBA season is complete without at least a few totally incoherent Kevin Garnett rants. Last night, KG did not disappoint.

While it still wasn't as good as his schizophrenic "bar fight" interview with Craig Sager earlier in the year ("Ask Charles, he's been in a bar fight ... I forgot you was doing an interview ... go ahead"), Wednesday night's rant was another classic.

"I hear y'all calling me old," he accused a group of reporters in the Celtics' locker room. "I hear y'all calling me older. Weathered. I'm older in basketball years but in life, I'm 30 something" (Garnett is 35, for those who were wondering, including possibly Garnett himself).

After that, things got pretty loopy as Garnett began identifying the reporters in the room as, gray hair, no hair, hat hair, beautiful hair, wet hair, one fish, two fish, red fish and blue fish.

Whenever Garnett speaks, it's like Joe Pesci's "Do I amuse you?" outburst from "Goodfellas." It's hard to tell if he is just joking around or if he is actually seconds away from attacking you.

Insane tirades aside, Garnett's point is well taken. With three 20-point games in his last four contests, it appears that KG is again drinking from the fountain of youth.

He's not the only one. Surprisingly there are quite a few elder statesmen who have been productive in fantasy this season. Maybe 35 is the new 20. Since it's an election year, here are some of the best fantasy players who are old enough to run for president.

Ray Allen, 36 - Allen hasn't been quite as durable this year as he has been in the past (he has missed nine games this season, the most since he missed nine back in 2007-08), but he is still plenty productive. Allen's 45.9 percent three-point shooting percentage is a career high. For a guy who has made more threes than anybody in league history, that's saying something. Tim Duncan, KG and Antawn Jamison are the only members of the 35 and over club who are scoring more points per game than Ray's 14.6 ppg. He's also a 92 percent free throw shooter.

Marcus Camby, 37 - Despite a low points per game average (3.9 ppg), the UMass product is still amongst the NBA's top 20 rebounders (8.6 rpg) and top 20 shot-blockers (1.4 bpg). He is owned in about 28 percent of fantasy leagues, but it should be more than that. Camby has already recorded three 20-rebound games this season. Not bad for a guy who is old enough to have seen "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" when it was in theaters.

Tim Duncan, 35 - The Big Fundamentalist was alive for the end of the Gerald Ford presidency, but he is still going strong. In his 15th year in San Antonio, the Wake Forest alum has averaged nearly a double-double (15 ppg, 9 rpg). Duncan is like a fine wine: he gets better with age. His 15 ppg in 2011-12 is actually more than a point and a half higher than what he posted last season (13.4 ppg).

Grant Hill, 39 - Hill is the second-oldest player in pro hoops (only Portland's Kurt Thomas is older) but at 10.7 ppg, he continues to be a major contributor for the playoff-chasing Phoenix Suns. Hill has been hampered by a bad knee in recent games but just a week ago he put up 22 points against the Pacers and 19 versus the Heat. Hill may not have enough hair left on his head to rock the flat-top look he sported back at Duke, but he still has plenty left in the tank.

Antawn Jamison, 35 - Playing in Cleveland post-LeBron can't be much fun, but Jamison is making the most of it. Jamison has started every game for the Cavaliers this season, netting an impressive 17.9 ppg. Some of the highlights for Jamison include two double-doubles in a row against the Nets and Hawks last week and a nifty 33-point performance against Denver earlier in the month. I guess age really is just a number for Jamison.

Andre Miller, 36 - Denver's energizer-bunny hasn't missed a game since 2007. Miller is a streaky scorer (10.1 ppg) but fantasy owners value his high assist (6.4 ppg) and steal (1.8 spg) totals. My guess is it will still be quite a few years before we see Miller playing Bingo at the senior center on Thursday nights.

Steve Nash, 38 - We know Nash can't run for U.S. President, but what's stopping him from trying for a seat in Canadian parliament? Rajon Rondo (10.8 apg) is the only player in the league who is even close to Nash's terrific 11.2 assists per game. Fantasy owners can live with Nash?s career low 12.9 ppg because he is so dominant in the assist column.

Not all of these old geezers will make sense for your fantasy team, but who knows, maybe adding a 35-year-old to the roster is just the kick in the butt your team needs before the playoffs start. As the wise philosopher Kevin Garnett once said, "anything is possible."

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