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Headed in the wrong direction

Jorge Cantu has been known throughout his career as a streaky hitter.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - These guys had great Aprils and probably helped carry your team to where it is now, but it's time to sit some of them until they return to earlier form. Sentimentality and loyalty only go so far in fantasy sports - you must perform on the field to stay in the lineup.

For some, like Adam Lind or Kosuke Fukudome, it's possible that they will never return to the level they were performing in April. If that's the case, it's time to look for a permanent replacement.

On the other hand, players like Nick Swisher or Jorge Cantu have been known throughout their careers as streaky hitters and you shouldn't get rid of them. Just sit them down for a while until you see them start to make good contact with the ball.

Even All-Star caliber players are not immune to long slumps. Ian Kinsler makes the list and though you can't put him on your bench because of his potential to explode at any minute, it's worth noting in case someone comes along offering you a good trade.

Monthly Hitting Statistics
Player Team April BA May BA .Diff April OPS May OPS Diff
Jorge Cantu FLA 0.365 0.217 -0.148 1.222 0.553 -0.669
Nick Swisher NYY 0.312 0.123 -0.189 1.144 0.511 -0.633
Andre Ethier LAD 0.306 0.200 -0.106 0.976 0.583 -0.393
Bengie Molina SF 0.329 0.202 -0.127 0.913 0.574 -0.339
Kosuke Fukudome CHC 0.338 0.271 -0.067 1.053 0.767 -0.286
Ian Kinsler TEX 0.322 0.233 -0.089 1.040 0.755 -0.285
Alfonso Soriano CHC 0.284 0.221 -0.063 0.955 0.699 -0.256
Mark Teahen KC 0.300 0.222 -0.078 0.878 0.622 -0.256
Adam Lind TOR 0.315 0.264 -0.051 0.933 0.767 -0.166
Shane Victorino PHI 0.286 0.257 -0.029 0.813 0.685 -0.128

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