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Football Bowl Subdivision

Week 4
Thursday, September 18, 2014
7:30 PM ET6:30 PM CT5:30 PM MT4:30 PM PT12:30 AM GMT  2 Auburn 0-0at  Kansas State 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: ESPN
Friday, September 19, 2014
8:00 PM ET7:00 PM CT6:00 PM MT5:00 PM PT1:00 AM GMT  Connecticut 0-0at  So Florida 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: ESPN or ESPN 2
Saturday, September 20, 2014
TBA  Marshall 0-0at  Akron 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Florida 0-0at  7 Alabama 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  California 0-0at  Arizona 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Northern Ill 0-0at  Arkansas 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Utah State 0-0at  Arkansas State 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Maine 0-0at  Boston College 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Norfolk State 0-0at  Buffalo 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Virginia 0-0at  BYU 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Miami-Ohio 0-0at  Cincinnati 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Hawaii 0-0at  Colorado 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Tulane 0-0at  23 Duke 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  North Carolina 0-0at  East Carolina 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  15 Louisville 0-0at  FIU 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: FS1 or FSN
TBA  8 Clemson 0-0at  1 Florida State 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Texas State 0-0at  Illinois 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Central Mich 0-0at  Kansas 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Miss State 0-0at  14 LSU 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Middle Tennessee 0-0at  Memphis 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Utah 0-0at  Michigan 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Eastern Mich 0-0at  3 Michigan State 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  San Jose St 0-0at  Minnesota 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Indiana 0-0at  5 Missouri 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Presbyterian 0-0at  NC State 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Western Ill 0-0at  Northwestern 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Idaho 0-0at  Ohio U 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  San Diego St 0-0at  Oregon State 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Massachusetts 0-0at  Penn State 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Iowa 0-0at  Pittsburgh 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Southern Ill 0-0at  Purdue 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Old Dominion 0-0at  Rice 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: FS1 or FSN
TBA  18 Texas A&M 0-0at  SMU 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Ga Southern 0-0at  South Alabama 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Maryland 0-0at  Syracuse 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Ball State 0-0at  Toledo 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  4 So Carolina 0-0at  24 Vanderbilt 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Georgia Tech 0-0at  Virginia Tech 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Army 0-0at  Wake Forest 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Georgia State 0-0at  25 Washington 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  9 Oregon 0-0at  Washington St 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  6 Oklahoma 0-0at  West Virginia 0-0Preview |Matchup |
TBA  Bowling Green 0-0at  22 Wisconsin 0-0Preview |Matchup |
12:00 PM ET11:00 AM CT10:00 AM MT9:00 AM PT5:00 PM GMT  Troy 0-0at  Georgia 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: SEC Network
1:00 PM ET12:00 PM CT11:00 AM MT10:00 AM PT6:00 PM GMT  Delaware State 0-0at  Temple 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: ESPN3.com
3:30 PM ET2:30 PM CT1:30 PM MT12:30 PM PT8:30 PM GMT  Rutgers 0-0at  Navy 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: CBSSN
3:30 PM ET2:30 PM CT1:30 PM MT12:30 PM PT8:30 PM GMT  Nicholls 0-0at  North Texas 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: Sinclair
4:00 PM ET3:00 PM CT2:00 PM MT1:00 PM PT9:00 PM GMT  Fla Atlantic 0-0at  Wyoming 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: Mountain West Network
6:00 PM ET5:00 PM CT4:00 PM MT3:00 PM PT11:00 PM GMT  Bethune-Cookman 0-0at  10 UCF 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: ESPN3.com
7:00 PM ET6:00 PM CT5:00 PM MT4:00 PM PT12:00 AM GMT  Northwestern St 0-0at  Louisiana Tech 0-0Preview |Matchup |
7:00 PM ET6:00 PM CT5:00 PM MT4:00 PM PT12:00 AM GMT  Appalachian St 0-0at  Southern Miss 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: American Sports Network
7:00 PM ET6:00 PM CT5:00 PM MT4:00 PM PT12:00 AM GMT  Murray State 0-0at  Western Mich 0-0Preview |Matchup |
8:00 PM ET7:00 PM CT6:00 PM MT5:00 PM PT1:00 AM GMT  Miami-Florida 0-0at  Nebraska 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: ABC, ESPN or ESPN 2
8:00 PM ET7:00 PM CT6:00 PM MT5:00 PM PT1:00 AM GMT  New Mexico 0-0at  New Mexico St 0-0Preview |Matchup |
10:00 PM ET9:00 PM CT8:00 PM MT7:00 PM PT3:00 AM GMT  Southern Utah 0-0at  Fresno State 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: Mountain West Network
10:30 PM ET9:30 PM CT8:30 PM MT7:30 PM PT3:30 AM GMT  Louisiana 0-0at  Boise State 0-0Preview |Matchup | TV: CBSSN

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