Quantity over Quality

By rotating players on and off your team, you can rack up quick last minute points.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Well, the end of the NHL's regular season is drawing near, and the time is now to win or lose your fantasy season. Unfortunately, there are very few moves you have left to improve your team to get over the proverbial "hump" you have in between of you and that championship.

With 15 or so games to go for each team in the regular season, most fantasy leagues have already passed their own movement deadline, so you can't add a piece or two via a trade from a team that is already out of it.

The only real chance you have to improve your team is the waiver wire. And let's be fair, there hasn't been anything there in weeks, if not months.

So what can you do, then, to give your team the best chance to win? Well, there is one thing that can be done.

1) If your league uses a maximum or minimum games played category, make sure you use that to your advantage. If it is a minimum, make sure you get over that number, In most leagues that use minimums, the penalties are forfeiture of any stats accrued. If you can't make this happen with your current squad and there is nothing left on waivers, how are you suppose to fix that?

2) This is how. Just because there is nothing on the wire, doesn't mean there isn't help out there. One of the strategies I like to use is what I call the "Quantity over Quality Theory." Basically, you don't add one player, you add several on a rotating basis. Say you're like me and you are deficient in penalty minutes and power play points, and you have a good amount of forward and defenseman games left to play. Simply take a look at the NHL's schedule and plan a pattern of waiver moves so that you have a guy in your lineup each night that could contribute in those categories.

For example, I picked up Colton Orr and Riley Cote a few weeks back to help with my PIMs problem. Orr was playing back-to-back nights, while Cote had four days off in a row. So after that day, I cut Cote and picked up Zack Stortini from Edmonton. Then when Orr reached a stretch of off days in his schedule, I dropped him for Jarkko Ruutu. Wash, rinse and repeat.

This has helped me skyrocket from 4th place in one of my leagues to a tie atop the standings in the matter of three weeks or so.

Like I said though, make sure to keep and eye on how many games played you have and what your limit is, and also make sure of any kind of "moves" limit your league may have. If neither of these are a problem, start making moves and pick up some quantity.

Also, most leagues set up their waivers so that you can not make a roster move and have it affective the same day, so plan accordingly.

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