Draft Day is here

Ian Kinsler has the greatest career first half to second half differential of any active player.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Tonight is the night, my most important baseball draft of the five leagues I am entered in. It's the one I most want to win because the league is made up of guys I have been playing fantasy leagues against for more than 20 years now...and the prize money is good too.

So here I am, having studied for the past couple of months, developed a plan and now I'm ready to implement said plan. But we all know that things don't always go as expected, so I also have a contingency plan.

"Battle is a highly fluid situation. You plan on your contingencies," said John Travolta's character Major Vic Deakins in the 1996 movie Broken Arrow.

And a draft is like a battle...all the pre-draft planning you do is nice, but war is messy and I guarantee you things won't go as predicted in your draft either.

This league actual splits the marathon baseball season into two halves. There are two major reasons for this.

First, Draft Day is the most fun day of the year, well maybe accepting the trophy is better but only one person gets to experience that exhilaration. Second, it's too long a season if your team gets way behind early and fantasy owners would stop participating. So we play two halves.

Because of this, knowing who is a first-half performer versus a second-half star is particularly important. I did a piece a couple of weeks ago pointing out the top-15 hitters based on first-half/second-half slugging differential.

Just as a reminder, Ian Kinsler has the greatest career first half to second half differential of any active player - slugging 105 points better before the All-Star break versus after it. The next four in order of differential are Dan Uggla (+91), Eric Byrnes (+89), Justin Morneau (+69) and Russell Martin (+59).

This information is also good if you play one season all the way through to October. Knowing when a player is at his peak value is always important when it comes to trades. Like the stock market, trading or selling a stock at its highest point is always the ultimate goal.

I'll be reporting how I do in this league periodically throughout the season, so you'll be able to follow my progress to what I hope will be another championship.

I'm also available for consultation, for just a small fee...just kidding there. Please feel free to ask for fantasy advice.

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