Current NFL Fantasy Top 10
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Despite the spring-like weather and the start of the major league baseball season arriving, all the NFL free agent comings and goings have me thinking about the upcoming NFL fantasy season.

So I punched in the latest mock drafts to see what people were thinking.

It left me with a number of interesting questions.

Here is the Top 10 from 1,082 mock drafts from March 7-21:

1) Jamaal Charles RB KC

2) LeSean McCoy RB PHI

3) Adrian Peterson RB MIN

4) Matt Forte RB CHI

5) Calvin Johnson WR DET

6) Eddie Lacy RB GB

7) Marshawn Lynch RB SEA

8) Demaryius Thomas WR DEN

9) LeVeon Bell RB PIT

10) Jimmy Graham TE NO


Where is record-breaking quarterback Peyton Manning? Apparently throwing for 5,477 yards and 55 touchdowns doesn't get much respect these days. The Broncos and Manning have plenty of talent at receiver despite the loss of Eric Decker, so I'm at a loss to explain why Manning is going No. 15.

Matt Forte at No. 4? Forte is a solid running back who also can catch the ball, but he averages just 7.8 touchdowns per season (rushing and receiving) and top-five running backs are expected to reach double-digit scores at the minimum.

Green Bay running back Eddie Lacy is going at No. 6 ahead of Marshawn Lynch. Seems a bit high for the young running back. The 2013 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year put together a very good first season (1,178 yards rushing, 11 TDs), but the team leaned on him in the second half of the season after Aaron Rodgers was injured. A healthy Rodgers with receivers Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson is still Green Bay's best option.

Second-year running back Le'Veon Bell may not be high enough. The rookie rushed for 860 yards and caught 45 balls for 399 yards in just 13 games after missing the start of the season due to a foot injury. Given the state of the Steelers' passing game (Antonio Brown and the no-names), Bell should see a heavy workload, and 2,000 yards from scrimmage and 15 touchdowns could be within reach for 2014.

Jimmy Graham at No. 10 seems a bit too soon for the Saints tight end. He's a great talent who posted 1,216 yards and 16 touchdowns despite playing hurt for most of the season, but so is Julius Thomas (ADP 31.7) and Rob Gronkowski (39.5). Assuming Gronkowski is healthy, I'd much rather spend a fourth-round pick for the Patriots tight end than a first on Graham.

Cincinnati wideout A.J. Green is an almost guaranteed 1,400 yards and 11 touchdowns, but doesn't make the Top 10. Meanwhile, Demaryius Thomas has averaged 1,432 yards and 12 TDs with Manning at QB and sits at No. 8.

Of course, things can and likely will change between now and opening night in September, so we will keep watching and reporting our thoughts.

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