2010 Outfielder Rankings

Ryan Braun is a five-category player and is only 26-years-old.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - In the sixth installment of an eight-part series, we will look at the 2010 TSN Fantasy Rankings for outfielders.

While the outfield position is deep, there were only seven players who hit for at least 20 HR and stole 20-or-more bases. Our "late-round bargain" selection could easily join that special group this season.


1) Ryan Braun, MIL (ADP 5.0) - Braun is a five-category player. He combines power, speed, the ability to hit for average, score runs by the bucket full and knock in over 100 runs in a solid Brewers lineup. And the best part is that he's only 26-years-old so he's still improving. He's not quite Albert Pujols, but he's in the "conversation."

2) Matt Kemp, LAD (ADP 7.3) - Kemp finally came into his own last year and became the "star" in the Dodgers outfield which still includes Manny Ramirez and Andre Ethier who also made this list. He's a better base-stealer than Braun (34.5 steals-per-year over the last two seasons), but doesn't quite put up the power numbers of the Milwaukee slugger. Kemp is 25-years-old and just signed a new two-year extension.

3) Carl Crawford, TB (ADP 18.4) - I've always thought people had been drafting Crawford on his potential and not what he's done, but I think I'm finally coming around on the Rays' outfielder. After an injury-plagued 2008, he came back strong with a 96 run, 15 HR, 60 SB, .305 batting average year. Among the top-three base stealers, Jacoby Ellsbury, Michael Bourne being the other two, Crawford has the "most" power.

4) Matt Holliday, STL (ADP 17.7) - Holliday was stuck in a "hitter's nightmare" for the first part of last season, after being traded from Colorado to Oakland. He survived the ordeal and ended the season as protection for Pujols in the Cardinals lineup. He'll continue to get plenty of RBI opportunities as the St. Louis clean up hitter and he's always batted for a high average.

5) Grady Sizemore, CLE (ADP 24.2) - Just call last year the "lost season" for Sizemore and don't look back. He played in only 106 games, most of them with an injured left elbow, and struggled in every category. Assuming he is healthy, there is no reason to think he can't go back to being the 100 run, 25 HR, 25 SB guy he was from 2006-2008.

6) Justin Upton, AZ (ADP 18.2) - After a slow April, the 22-year-old Upton came into his own in May and June batting .340 with 12 HR and 37 RBI over that span. With a six-year deal in his pocket, he should be able to relax and play his game which combines power (26 HR) and speed (20 SB).

7) Jayson Werth, PHI (ADP 42.3) - While Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins get most of the publicity in Philadelphia, the key to the Phillies offense is this right-handed hitting outfielder. Werth came through in 2009 with 98 runs, 36 HR, 99 RBI and 20 steals. He'll be playing for a new contract so his numbers should be at least that good in 2010.

8) Josh Hamilton, TEX (ADP 69.9) - Like Sizemore, Hamilton's 2009 season was a disaster due to injuries. If healthy, he's an RBI machine in the strong Rangers lineup, but "if" is a big word. He's already injured his shoulder in spring training so he is going to be a high-risk, high-reward type guy.

9) Andre Ethier, LAD (ADP 57.7) - With "Manny being Manny" and garnering a lot of media attention and Kemp playing like an All-Star and future MVP candidate, it would be easy to overlook Ethier. Don't! The Dodgers right fielder put together a stunning 2009 with 92 runs, 31 HR and 106 RBI. If he had Kemp's speed we'd be talking about a top-five fantasy outfielder, as it is he's No.9 on our list.

10) Curtis Granderson, NYY (ADP 52.9) - Whenever I look at Granderson I see the guy who posted 20+ doubles, 20+ triples, 20+ HR and 20+ steals, 122 runs scored and batted .302 in 2007. Leading off for the best hitting team in baseball in a more hitter-friendly ball park (Comerica Park vs. Yankee Stadium) can only bring back more fond memories as a repeat of 2007 is again attainable.

Just Missed - 11) Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS (ADP 24.9); Nick Markakis, BAL (ADP 58.1); Adam Lind, TOR (ADP 52.4); Nelson Cruz, TEX (64.9); Shin-Soo Choo, CLE (ADP 110.2).

Late Round Bargain - Franklin Gutierrez, SEA (ADP 191.4).

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