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Canadian Football League

CFL rules committee: Expand video review to cover missed field goals

Toronto, ON (Sports Network) - The Canadian Football League's rules committee announced Friday it approved a proposal to allow coaches to request the use of video replay to possibly overturn the rulings of missed field goals and extra points.

"It's vitally important to ensure we get potential scoring plays right, and video review has proven to be a tremendous asset, especially in an age of high definition cameras in multiple locations," said Tom Higgins, the CFL's director of officiating.

The committee also approved a proposal to allow coaches to use both of their timeouts at any point during regulation time of a game, as long as they don't use more than one after the three minute warning has been sounded near the end of the game. Currently, coaches can use only one timeout per half.

The proposals that were approved by the committee are subject to approval by the CFL Board of Governors later this spring.

03/22 21:30:00 ET

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