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Two days of golf, food and fantasy football

Derek Anderson finally looked like the 2007 version.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - While draft day is a blast and probably the best day of the fantasy year, in one of my football leagues we go above and beyond with a Mid-Season General Managers Meeting.

Held somewhere between Week 6 and Week 8, we usually get half of the league owners to take Monday and Tuesday off from work and assemble for two days of golf, good food, playoff baseball and most importantly...fantasy football trades.

In the past, the contingent from Philadelphia and New Jersey has traveled to the beautiful Chesapeake Bay area for the event.

This year, the Maryland contingent headed north to the Atlantic City area.

Arriving on Monday we played 18 holes of golf at the Links in Brigantine. A nice course which made for a great "kickoff." Afterwards we headed to a little Italian restaurant for food and trade talk. No big trades were completed, but the groundwork was laid for Day 2.

Meanwhile, it was back to the beach house just in time to watch Monday Night Football and game No.4 of the Philadelphia Phillies-Los Angeles Dodgers NLCS.

It was tough for those of us without picture-in-picture because I was in a tight Week 6 matchup which included a player in Monday night's Cleveland-New York Giants tilt.

I was holding just a three-point edge, but my opponent still had Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer to go. That meant switching from the Phillies every time the Giants got the ball. Fortunately, the Giants played awfully and the Cleveland offense dominated time of possession 32:25 to 27:35. The Browns also put up 454 yards of offense, something fantasy owners have been waiting all season for. Derek Anderson finally looked like the 2007 version, Braylon Edwards broke out with 154 yards and one score and Jamal Lewis totaled 92 combined yards and another score.

For me, the best news was Toomer being shutout and the result gave me a win. But even though the Giant veteran didn't have a catch, I still had to watch the entire game. Late in the contest, Eli Manning threw Toomer's way near the goal line. Thankfully Eric Wright intercepted at the six-yard line to save the day for my team.

Better still, the Phillies came back with two home runs to give my hometown team a 3-1 NLCS lead.

Day 2 started early with a tee time a Blue Herron Pines Golf Course. It is both a beautiful course and a challenging one, well worth the trip. If you want to see a full review of the course, Phil Sokol, Director of Operations at the Sports Network has the complete story.

After the round, we headed to the local pub for refreshments and trades.

I threw out the first blockbuster, offering running back Adrian Peterson and quarterback Kyle Orton for a pair of quality running backs Maurice Jones-Drew and Frank Gore. I had laid the groundwork the previous evening when I discussed the other team's weakness at quarterback.

And Orton has played great over the last four weeks - with eight TD passes and 1,087 passing yards. But I didn't need him because I have Drew Brees as my starter. I had picked up Orton on waivers three weeks ago with just this in mind. I'm also disappointed in Peterson TD total - just three in six weeks. Teams are crowding the line and the result is that Gus Frerotte and Bernard Berrian are quickly becoming valuable fantasy players while Peterson's rushing average has dropped from 5.6 in 2007 to 4.4 yards per carry in 2008.

He countered with a Jones-Drew and Michael Turner, but I'm not sold on Turner as I have discussed in a previous article. In a nutshell, I think that Turner can run against a bad defense, but every time he sees a quality defense he posts 50 yards and zero touchdowns (see his games against Tampa Bay, Carolina and Chicago).

Round and round we went with different players in and out. Would I take Matt Forte? How about Anquan Boldin? Is Drew Brees available?

Finally, it was two o'clock and we were getting ready to head our separate ways when he said..."ok Jones-Drew and Turner for Boldin and Orton."

Now thanks to the fact that our lineups allow me to start more than two running backs, I agreed. I can start Peterson, and Jones-Drew and spot Turner when the matchup is good. Basically I traded Anquan Boldin and a waiver-wire pickup which I couldn't start, for two quality players.

There were other minor trades, but that was the big one. Usually there is more action...but "Trader Drew," the man who never met a player he wouldn't trade away, or trade for, missed the two-day affair due to illness.

Still, it was another great Mid-Season General Managers Meeting. Every league should have one.

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