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Evaluating the deadline deals

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Whew, that was quite a busy few days we just witnessed as the NBA trade deadline came and went. Tallying up the results, it looks like around a dozen and a half fantasy-worthy players changed teams.

So lets look at who is now in a better situation. By that we usually mean more playing time and/or more opportunities to score, rebound, assist, block shots and steal the ball.

Or the opposite could be true and a starter could end up sitting on the bench with his new team, his chance to produce statistics all but gone.

Increased Value

Carmelo Anthony - Anthony was already the No.6 scorer in the NBA, and while it's hard to imagine him increasing his totals much higher, there are a few reasons to be excited. He's come home. Melo is where he has wanted to be for a long time and that means his intensity level should be higher than at any time this season. Secondly, he really shouldn't need much of an adjustment period because he brought his point guard with him. Third, he fits perfectly in an up tempo offense and there is no coach better than the Knicks' Mike D'Antoni for playing fast.

Chauncey Billups - Billups will have more of an adjustment period than Anthony, because it will be up to the point guard to keep both Amare Stoudemire and Anthony happy. That likely means sacrificing some of his offense for the good of the team. On the other hand, there isn't a guard yet who hasn't put up better numbers in a D'Antoni offense - think Nick Van Exel, Steve Nash and Raymond Felton.

Devin Harris - Harris has plenty of talent, but obviously was unhappy with the way things were going in New Jersey and a new start could be just the thing to turn back the clock to when he was a rising star. He will play with more talent in Utah, most of it in the frontcourt, and his assist numbers should rise because of all the finishers on the Jazz roster.

Kendrick Perkins - I was quite surprised when the Celtics dealt Perkins, who should be a solid addition to the Thunder frontcourt. The Thunder were likely looking for him to be a defensive presence in the playoffs when they face teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, but he'll also be the solid inside threat Oklahoma City has been looking for and as long as he is healthy should begin producing low double-doubles.

Mo Williams - Williams has to be happy to be out of Cleveland and on a team that is headed in the right direction. He's a solid point guard who knows how to play with a superstar. He is just back from hip and groin injuries that kept him out of the lineup for half the season and will need time to round into form, but he could be a solid player down the stretch. It's possible that an owner dropped Williams because of all his injuries, so check your free agent list.

Carl Landry - Landry was disappointing in his second year with Sacramento. After posting an 18.0 ppg average in 28 games last season, his minutes, scoring and rebounding were down in 2010-11. However, in New Orleans he should see more time and therefore has a chance to rebuild his fantasy value.

Derrick Favors - With Deron Williams gone, the Jazz must now start thinking about the future and that should be good for Favors playing time. He managed just 19+ minutes per game in New Jersey, but should see more time in Utah. If he played at the same production level and got 36 minutes per game he would post 11.6 ppg and 9.8 rpg and become a fantasy-worthy forward.

Decreased Value

Troy Murphy - Murphy was getting almost no playing time in New Jersey (16 minutes-per-game) but returns to the team where he played from 2001-2006. Unfortunately, there is a better, younger version of himself already on the team in David Lee and he likely still won't get enough court time to have fantasy value.

Deron Williams - Williams will continue to be a top-five point guard despite the lower level of talent around him. He might score more in New Jersey because of the lack of finishers but his assist total will take a hit.

Jeff Green - Green was a third option for the Thunder, but that won't be the case in Boston. His 37 minutes-per-game is about to take a massive dip as is his scoring average. Sit him on the bench until you see exactly how far he falls.

Gerald Wallace - Wallace is a great pickup for Portland, but his fantasy value may still drop slightly. In Charlotte, the team's primary scoring came from Wallace and Stephen Jackson. With the Trailblazers, he'll share the ball with LaMarcus Aldridge, Wesley Mathews, Andre Miller and a returning Brandon Roy. Be wary about starting him until you see how he fits in.

Baron Davis - Davis was actually playing very well until his knees started acting up over the past week. Now you are asking him to overcome the pain and play for a 10-47 Cleveland Cavaliers team? Probably not a good bet. Sit him.

Raymond Felton - Felton's statistics might take the biggest hit of any starter. That's because the Nuggets like their own point guard Ty Lawson. It's Lawson who got the start on Thursday night and the two divided up the minutes fairly equally. Felton's 17.1 ppg and 9.0 apg are a thing of the past. Think 12 ppg and 6.0 apg and you won't be disappointed.

Danilo Gallinari - Gallinari is in the same "boat" as Felton. Though he started his first game in Denver, he's not going to get the minutes or the shots he got in New York. You should sit him until further notice.

Aaron Brooks - Getting traded to Phoenix should make Brooks a fantasy non- entity. While he may learn a lot watching Steve Nash, he'll do it from the bench and not the court.

Shane Battier - Battier could start for the next month while Rudy Gay is on the mend, but once Gay is healthy, Battier will lose all fantasy value. A temporary stop gap measure at best.

Mike Bibby - Backing up the No.1 selection in the draft means, by the end of the year you will be asking if Bibby is still in the league? Say goodbye to what little value he currently had left.
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