My team's a wreck, what to do?

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - My fantasy baseball was rolling along, burying any and all competition through the first four weeks of the season. The team was performing exactly as I anticipated on Draft Day and I was already looking forward to a summer of fun.

The situation can change quickly, however, in the fantasy world.

Lance Berkman's calf acts up on April 18, but that's OK because I have a quality backup in Adam LaRoche.

Unfortunately, that was only the beginning.

Superstar third baseman Evan Longoria pulled up lame with a partially torn left hamstring on April 30. This is followed in short sequence by injuries to my entire outfield - Jayson Werth, Desmond Jennings, Yeonis Cespedes and a likely fatal blow in the injury department to Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Matt Kemp.

Here we are, just three weeks later in the middle of May, and I'm in a hole that I may not be able to climb out of.

What to do?

While I'll continue to work on my team, to try and rebuild it, I'm facing a long, frustrating summer.

But while sitting in front of my monitor, I've have found another source of fantasy baseball which I can play. It doesn't matter that the season is six weeks old because in this game there is a new contest every day.

It's a daily fantasy game.

Similar to my season-long league in that I select a complete lineup, but different in that the team only plays for one day and the final results are almost immediate.

Sign up in the afternoon and select my lineup for tonight's games.

I've done a similar thing in the NFL playoffs, where my friends and I selected a team for one weekend and the prize was handed out on Monday, but never considered a daily baseball game until now.

In all honesty, my choice was made easier because I talked with the guys who advertise on The Sports Network - 365fantasysports. Beyond baseball, they also have games for football and basketball and who knows what else down the road.

You can play head-to-head or against multiple opponents. You can take of the challenge for free or put your money where your knowledge is.

All I know is it may be just the thing to get me through the long, hot summer.

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