Road Warrior available for hire

Nick Swisher is batting .277 with 18 HRs, 48 RBIs and an OPS of .959 on the road.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher has been a "monster" in road games this season, which is interesting considering he plays his home games in a ballpark which is a "home run heaven."

Articles have been written "ad nauseam" about the new Yankee Stadium and it's inability to keep the ball from flying out of the yard, particularly in right field. So it's interesting to note that the switch-hitting outfielder is batting just .206 in Yankee Stadium with three home runs, 18 RBIs and an OPS of .708

Meanwhile, when the team plays on the road, Swisher is batting .277 with 18 HRs, 48 RBIs and an OPS of .959.

This isn't a career characteristic for Swisher, Since coming up to the majors in 2004, his home and away numbers are relatively similar. He's a career .238 hitter at home with a slugging percentage of .449 and an OPS of .811 versus away numbers of .250/.463/.816.

But ours is not to reason why - just take advantage of the situation. Since Swisher is only owned in about 55% of all leagues, we could pick him up for the stretch run and play him exclusively when the Yankees are on the road.

Beginning on August 31st, the Yankees head out on a seven-game trip at Baltimore and Toronto where Swisher has a career OPS of 1.154 and .868, respectively. They also have a west coast swing in mid-September and finish the year in Tampa Bay.

Nick Swisher 2009 Batting Statistics
Home 155 20 32 3 18 0 0.206 0.323 0.708
Away 224 40 62 18 48 0 0.277 0.598 0.959

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