The Dreaded Day-to-Day

Jose Reyes, an All-Star when healthy with a 2009 Average Draft Position (ADP) of 4.3, has had just seven at-bats since May 14th.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - It is the bane of all fantasy players - the note beside a player's name which says he is "Day-to-Day." It is fantasy poison. It means your player and your team are in limbo - you can't start the player, but you also can't put him on the injured list and replace his spot on your active roster with someone who could help your team.

Today's example is New York Mets shortstop and top-10 overall draft pick Jose Reyes.

Reyes, an All-Star when healthy with a 2009 Average Draft Position (ADP) of 4.3, has had just seven at-bats since May 14th. But the team refuses to put him on the disabled list. His first day out of the lineup, the Mets claimed it was just a "routine" day off. Then the team scheduled an MRI for his right calf and you knew that wasn't the case. He missed a few games, then tried to play on May 19th going 1-for-4. The next day he was in the lineup again, only to exit the game in the third inning complaining about his calf again. He had another MRI and was out of the lineup again on Friday night. If your counting, he's missed six and a half of the team's last eight games.

And with the re-injuring of the calf, Reyes is expected to miss more games.

Meanwhile, as a fantasy owner, you can't start Reyes, or replace him with a player off the waiver wire. Not that you would be able to find a shortstop who has averaged 118 runs scored, 196 hits, 15 HRs, 68 RBIs and 66 SB over the last three years. They are few and far between, but at least you could get some production from the position. In one of my 10-team leagues, the following shortstops are available free agents - Troy Tulowitzki, Jhonny Peralta, Cristian Guzman and Ben Zobrist.

None are Reyes, but all have their various talents and abilities. Tulowitzki and Peralta have had 24+ HR seasons, Zobrist has already hit eight HRs this year and Guzman is hitting .360.

Other fantasy-worthy players who are current examples of the dreaded "day-to- day" include: Josh Hamilton (he played Friday), Chipper Jones (sat out), Joey Votto (sat out), Carlos Quentin (played), Bobby Abreu (pinch hit), J.J. Hardy (played), Johnny Damon (played), Joba Chamberlain (sat out) and Nyjer Morgan (played).

So what's a fantasy owner to do?

I'd like to tell you this is why you have bench players on your roster, but we all know that players like Reyes and Hamilton aren't replaceable. When they go down, you just have to muddle through as best as you can. I only wish MLB teams would put their players on the DL as soon as the injury occurs to make our job a little easier. It might also prevent a player like Reyes from returning too soon only to be re-injured.

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