Appreciating Chris Bosh
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - There is a clear-cut No. 3 in Miami's "Big 3," and it's 6-foot-11 power forward-center Chris Bosh.

That's probably why Bosh's superb season is going largely unnoticed (it could also be that LeBron James is dominating all aspects of the game this season better than anyone since Michael Jordan).

Bosh has been an effective sidekick for James and Dwyane Wade this month, putting up his best numbers since November. He has produced a double-double in three consecutive contests, the first time he has done that all season.

He missed games on Feb. 6 and 8 with the flu but going back to Feb. 3, he has averaged 23 points, 8.6 rebounds, 1.6 steals and 1.0 blocks and shot 65 percent from the field on 16 attempts per game over five games.

The Heat big man ranks 11th in the NBA with a .555 field goal percentage, but among the 10 players in front of him, only James has attempted more field goals per game than Bosh's 12.6.

The amazing thing is that Bosh has been so efficient from the field despite attempting 34.2 percent of his shots from more than 16 feet away from the basket.

He is making an incredible 56.9 percent of his shots on 202 attempts inside the area from 16 feet to the 3-point line. It also helps that he has knocked in 75.5 percent of shots at the rim on 184 attempts.

Bosh also owns the best free-throw percentage of anyone in the top-16 shooters in the NBA with an .815 percentage. None of the other 15 guys are shooting over 80 percent from the line.

Due to Bosh's high-percentage shooting, his fantasy value is higher than it has been in either of his first two seasons with the Heat even though his ppg and rpg are both down for a third straight season.

In Yahoo! leagues, Bosh is producing at a first-round value in 12-team leagues as the 12th overall player in the rankings. He finished 2010-11 ranked 36th and the next season at 40th.

It has helped that in addition to his usual 0.9 steals per game, he has posted an average of 1.3 blocks, his highest since 2006-07.

Bosh was selected Friday to start this Sunday's All-Star game as a replacement for injured guard Rajon Rondo. Hopefully that will serve the purpose of getting him the recognition he deserves instead of reminding us that he is the third most-popular Heat player (James and Wade were voted starters by the fans).

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