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2014Racing (AP)
2014River Plate (CL)
2013San Lorenzo (AP)
2013Newell's Old Boys (CL)
2012Velez Sarsfield (AP)
2012Arsenal (CL)
2011Boca Juniors (AP)
2011Velez Sarsfield (CL)
2010Estudiantes LP (AP)
2010Arg. Juniors (CL)
2009Banfield (AP)
2009Velez Sarsfield (CL)
2008Boca Juniors (AP)
2008River Plate (CL)
2007Lanus (AP)
2007San Lorenzo (CL)
2006Estudiantes (AP)
2006Boca Juniors (CL)
2005Boca Juniors (AP)
2005Velez Sarsfield (CL)
2004Newell's Old Boys (AP)
2004River Plate (CL)
2003Boca Juniors (AP)
2003River Plate (CL)
2002Independiente (AP)
2002River Plate (CL)
2001Racing Club (AP)
2001River Plate (CL)
2000Boca Juniors (AP)
2000San Lorenzo (CL)
1999River Plate (AP)
1999River Plate (CL)
1998Boca Juniors (AP)
1998Boca Juniors (CL)
1997River Plate (AP)
1997Velez Sarsfield
1996River Plate (AP)
1996River Plate (CL)
1995Velez Sarsfield (AP)
1995Velez Sarsfield (CL)
1994River Plate (AP)
1994San Lorenzo (CL)
1993River Plate (AP)
1993Independiente (CL)
1992Boca Juniors (AP)
1992Velez Sarsfield (CL)
1991River Plate (AP)
1991Newell's Old Boys (CL)
1990-91Newell's Old Boys
1989-90River Plate
1987-88Newell's Old Boys
1986-87Rosario Central
1985-86River Plate
1985Arg. Juniors (NA)
1984Arg. Juniors (MT)
1984Ferrocarril Oeste (NA)
1983Independiente (MT)
1983Estudiantes (NA)
1982Estudiantes (MT)
1982Ferrocarril Oeste (NA)
1981Boca Juniors (MT)
1981River Plate (NA)
1980River Plate (MT)
1980Rosario Central (NA)
1979River Plate (MT)
1979River Plate (NA)
1978Quilmes (MT)
1978Independiente (NA)
1977River Plate (MT)
1977Independiente (NA)
1976Boca Juniors (MT)
1976Boca Juniors (NA)
1975River Plate (MT)
1975River Plate (NA)
1974Newell's Old Boys (MT)
1974San Lorenzo (NA)
1973Huracan (MT)
1973Rosario Central (NA)
1972San Lorenzo (MT)
1972San Lorenzo (NA)
1971Independiente (MT)
1971Rosario Central (NA)
1970Independiente (MT)
1970Boca Juniors (NA)
1969Chacarita Juniors (MT)
1969Boca Juniors (NA)
1968San Lorenzo (MT)
1968Velez Sarsfield (NA)
1967Estudiantes (MT)
1967Independiente (NA)
1966Racing Club
1965Boca Juniors
1964Boca Juniors
1962Boca Juniors
1961Racing Club
1959San Lorenzo
1958Racing Club
1957River Plate
1956River Plate
1955River Plate
1954Boca Juniors
1953River Plate
1952River Plate
1951Racing Club
1950Racing Club
1949Racing Club
1947River Plate
1946San Lorenzo
1945River Plate
1944Boca Juniors
1943Boca Juniors
1942River Plate
1941River Plate
1940Boca Juniors
1937River Plate
1936River Plate
1935Boca Juniors
1934Boca Juniors
1933San Lorenzo
1932River Plate
1931Boca Juniors

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