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             === Few changes in latest edition of FIFA Rankings ===
 Zurich,  Switzerland (Sports  Network) - There wasn't a lot of movement in the
 latest  edition of  the FIFA/Coca-Cola Men's World Rankings as just 11 matches
 were taken into account from the past month.
 Spain  continues to  sit  atop the  table with  the  Netherlands, Germany  and
 Uruguay in a close group occupying the next three places respectively.
 Chile  (12th, up 1) was the lone team in the top 20 in action this past month,
 using a 3-2 win over Paraguay to move past Russia (13th, down 1).
 Despite  a lack of activity in the past month, Bosnia-Herzegovina (19th, up 1)
 and  Panama (47th,  up 2) still managed to achieve their highest-ever ranking,
 while Montenegro (50th, up 1) made its way back into the top 50.
 Mexico  remains  the highest-ranked team in  the CONCACAF region at 21st, with
 the United States (33rd, up 1) improving slightly from last month.
 The  next edition  of the FIFA/Coca-Cola Men's World Rankings will be released
 on Wednesday, February 15.
 01/18 11:43:43 ET

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