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               === Swiss club FC Sion loses battle with UEFA ===
 Geneva, Switzerland (Sports Network) - Swiss club FC Sion lost its legal fight
 with UEFA on Thursday, as the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) decided the
 club "is not entitled to be reintegrated in the UEFA Europa League."
 Sion qualified for the group stage of the tournament, but was later kicked out
 of the event because it used ineligible players in a qualification series with
 Scottish side Celtic.
 "The  CAS has  confirmed that UEFA was right in enforcing the FIFA regulations
 and  that the UEFA disciplinary bodies were right in declaring the games of FC
 Sion in the UEFA Europa League lost by forfeit," UEFA said in a statement.
 "This respect of the  rules has to be  applied at all  levels: players, clubs,
 leagues  and in all  competitions, in order  to preserve  what football stands
 UEFA had considered allowing Sion to rejoin the tournament if it won its case,
 but the Swiss side only ended up with a fine of approximately $42,500 in legal
 costs it must pay UEFA.
 12/15 16:33:49 ET

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