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               === FSU's Winston suspended from baseball team ===
 Tallahassee,  FL  (SportsNetwork.com) -  Reigning Heisman Trophy winner Jameis
 Winston,  a  two-sport star at Florida  State, was suspended from the baseball
 team  Wednesday after  receiving a citation for taking food from a supermarket
 without paying for it.
 Winston  walked  out of an  area Publix on Tuesday  night with $32.72 worth of
 crab  legs and crawfish and later told sheriff's deputies he forgot to pay for
 the food, Major Michael Wood of the Leon County Sheriff's Office said.
 Wood said Winston made no effort to go back and pay for the items.
 The  20-year-old  redshirt sophomore  was issued a  civil citation, which Wood
 described  as  a pre-arrest  diversion program  implemented to keep first-time
 offenders  who have  committed non-violent  minor crimes  out of  the criminal
 justice  system.  Wood said anyone  meeting that  criteria is eligible for the
 Winston  has  seven days to  make arrangements to  serve 20 hours of community
 service.  If he doesn't  complete the program the case will be diverted to the
 state  attorney's office and Winston would likely be charged with petty theft,
 Wood said.
 "We  have no  reason to believe he's  not going to fulfill all the obligations
 associated  with  this program," said Wood.  "He's agreed to do it, Publix has
 agreed  to allow  for it,  so at  this juncture  the process  has to  take its
 Wood said Winston would "in all likelihood" make restitution for what he took.
 Seminoles baseball coach Mike Martin said Winston was suspended as a result of
 the  civil citation.  Martin said he is "confident (Winston) will complete his
 community service obligation and the situation will be resolved soon."
 Florida  State  athletic department  rules say a  student-athlete with a civil
 citation  is  eligible to  practice and compete  and that it's  up to the head
 coach whether they are permitted to do so.
 The length of Winston's suspension was not announced.
 Winston  was  cleared by the Florida  state attorney's office in December over
 allegations  he  sexually assaulted a  woman in  2012. The announcement came a
 little  over a week  before he won the Heisman Trophy and about a month before
 he  threw the winning  touchdown pass in the final seconds of the BCS National
 Championship Game against Auburn.
 Seminoles  football coach  Jimbo Fisher said he supported Martin's decision to
 suspend Winston, who is an outfielder and pitcher.
 04/30 17:41:14 ET

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