=== Mayweather defeats Maidana to win unified welterweight title ===
 Las  Vegas,  NV (  - Floyd  Mayweather won  two of the three
 judges  to  claim the unified  WBC/WBA Welterweight  title in a 12-round match
 against Marcos Maidana on Saturday night.
 Mayweather  (46-0, 26  KOs) took two cards 117-111 and 116-112, with the other
 judge  posting a  score of 114-114 as  he improved to 16-0 in fights that have
 gone to 12 rounds.
 Maidana  (35-4, 31 KOs) dominated the early rounds as he had Mayweather on the
 ropes  much of the  time, but it wasn't enough in his first defense of his WBA
 "I definitely think I won," said Maidana. "He didn't fight like a man."
 The  first several  rounds  featured Maidana  throwing a  lot  of punches  and
 keeping  Mayweather along  the ropes. He caught the undefeated champ with some
 overhand  clubs and a few rights, with Mayweather occasionally countering with
 some rights and body shots.
 In  the  fourth round, an  accidental headbutt  opened a cut over Mayweather's
 right  eye, the  first time he had ever  been cut in a fight, and it seemed to
 bother him for the rest of the round.
 His  corner team,  though, was  able to  close  the cut  up and  keep it  from
 hampering him.
 "After the headbutt I couldn't see for two rounds," Mayweather said. "But that
 is what champions do, they adjust."
 Mayweather  started to get going in the sixth round, as he was able to connect
 on  a hard  right, and a big  inside right uppercut in the round, and followed
 that with a few more hard rights in the seventh.
 Maidana,  who was talked to in a timeout by the ref during the third round for
 illegal shots, was again warned by the ref in the eighth round for another low
 The ninth round saw Mayweather continue to keep Maidana at a distance, and was
 able to connect on a right cross and a quick combination to the body.
 In the 10th, Mayweather kept pushing Maidana back and hit the Argentinean with
 a big right to the head just before the bell.
 The  last two  rounds saw the boxers  continue to spar without letting the big
 blows land before the final bell sounded.
 This  was  the third fight for  Mayweather out of his 30-month, six-fight deal
 worth  $200  million-plus that Mayweather  signed with Showtime and its parent
 network CBS last February.
 05/04 03:19:09 ET

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