=== Fitz Hitz: Lundy helps Broner lay new career foundation ===
 By Lyle Fitzsimmons, Boxing Editor
 Washington, D.C. ( - Hank Lundy is no stranger to career
 The rugged South Philadelphian was unbeaten (18-0-1) through his first three
 years as a pro, including a defeat of current WBA lightweight champion
 Richard Abril, before having to recover from an 11th-round TKO loss to John
 Molina that came while he led comfortably on all scorecards.
 Then, after four more wins put him back on the 135-pound map, including a
 sixth-round stoppage that prompted the retirement of former WBC title-holder
 David Diaz, it was back to the drawing board when consecutive narrow judging
 verdicts went to foes Ray Beltran (majority decision, 10) and Viktor Postol
 (unanimous decision, 12).
 So when Adrien Broner inquired about sparring work as the former three-
 division champ began his own post-Marcos Maidana crawl back to the spotlight,
 Lundy knew precisely what was needed.
 "You think a loss is going to do this or that to your career, but I have a
 couple losses and I'm still top 10 in the world at lightweight," he said. "It
 all depends on how you digest that loss.
 "If you learn from it, you become a better fighter from it."
 The two have put in significant ring time as part of Broner's Washington,
 D.C.-based preparation for a May 3 comeback fight with Carlos Molina on the
 Mayweather-Maidana show, while Lundy is simultaneously getting ready for a May
 31 headlining date at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.
 The 30-year-old has won two in a row since coming up short against Postol in
 March 2013, taking consecutive wide decisions over 31-1 junior welterweight
 Olusegun Ajose four months later and 14-1 lightweight Angelo Santana in
 February. He's rated 14th at 140 pounds in the Independent World Boxing
 Rankings, along with eighth- and ninth-place positions in the division from the
 IBF and WBC, respectively.
 At 135, he's ranked fourth in the world by the IBO.
 Lundy and Broner sparred six rounds with no break on Friday afternoon at the
 Bald Eagle Rec Center in D.C., where both the punches and the accompanying in-
 ring chatter flowed freely throughout.
 For every "He can't hit me" declaration from Broner to observers as he laid
 stationary against the ropes and played defense, there was a "Yeah, I'm
 kicking your (butt)" from Lundy as he perpetually bored in.
 "The focus and everything are on a different level right now, because we know
 what's at stake," Lundy said. "We talk to each other and rough each other up.
 Sometimes one of us has a good day, sometimes we have a bad day. But we push
 each other to other heights. That's what we do."
 And rather than channeling Molina to help his boss, Lundy said Team Broner
 allows him to be him.
 "When you're in there sparring, sometimes you've got to emulate somebody
 else," he said. "But with me, they let me come in here and do my own thing.
 That's just me being me. But everybody knows I'm a boxer-puncher. The way you
 see me spar is totally different from the way I fight."
 Either way, it's apparent Broner appreciates the effort that his rival puts in.
 "I don't spar with people when I know I could just kick their (butt)," he said.
 "I spar with people where if I don't come in on my A game, it's a possibility
 I could get my (butt) kicked. That's how I work."
 I like looking at a list of all the fighters in a given weight class top to
 bottom, regardless of who holds what belts. So from here forward, along with
 the slot given contenders by the sanctioning bodies, the positioning provided
 by the British-based Independent World Boxing Rankings also will be included.
 WBA cruiserweight title - Moscow, Russia
 Denis Lebedev (champion/No. 6 IWBR) vs. Guillermo Jones (champion in
 recess/No. 5 IWBR)
 Lebedev (25-2, 19 KO): first title defense, lost via 11th-round TKO to Jones
 in May 2013
 Jones (39-3-2, 31 KO): eighth title fight (4-1-2), unbeaten since 2005 (8-0)
 Fitzbitz says: Lebedev was six minutes away from beating Jones before a
 gruesome eye injury became his undoing. If he keeps the swelling to a minimum
 this time, he'll finish the job. Lebedev by decision
 IBF/IBO/WBA/WBO heavyweight titles - Oberhausen, Germany
 Wladimir Klitschko (champion/No. 1 IWBR) vs. Alex Leapai (No. 1 WBO/No. 29
 Klitschko (61-3, 51 KO): 16th IBF/IBO title defense, unbeaten since 2004
 Leapai (30-4-3, 24 KO): first title fight, fifth fight outside Australia (4-0)
 Fitzbitz says: Again, if the WBO ranks you No. 1 and an unaffiliated group
 says you're 29th, you may be in for some trouble on the top tier. Klitschko
 will violently illustrate the difference. Klitschko in 6
 WBA/WBO flyweight titles - Puerto Penasco, Mexico
 Juan Francisco Estrada (champion/No. 3 IWBR) vs. Richie Mepranum (No. 10
 WBO/unranked IWBR)
 Estrada (25-2, 18 KO): second title defenses, 25th fight in Mexico, first
 since 2012 (23-1)
 Mepranum (27-3-1, 6 KO): second title fight (0-1), first fight at flyweight
 limit since 2010
 Fitzbitz says: The Filipino lost his last title fight at flyweight in 2010 and
 hasn't been setting the world on fire since. He's a familiar name, but not a
 serious championship threat. Estrada by decision
 WBC lightweight title - Carson, Calif.
 Omar Figueroa (champion/No. 11 IWBR) vs. Jerry Belmontes (No. 15
 contender/unranked IWBR)
 Figueroa (22-0-1, 17 KO): first title defense, second career fight scheduled
 for 12 rounds (1-0)
 Belmontes (19-3, 5 KO): first title fight, lost three of five fights since
 17-0 career start
 Fitzbitz says: Challenger was slumping badly before scoring an upset win in
 his last outing. But it won't help him in a spot against a young fighter who's
 being pumped hard by Golden Boy. Figueroa in 8
 Last week's picks: 3-0; 2014 picks record: 25-5 (83.3 percent);
 Overall picks record: 572-199 (74.1 percent)
 NOTE: Fights previewed are only those involving a sanctioning body's full-
 fledged title-holder - no interim, diamond, silver or other titles. Fights for
 WBA "world championships" are only included if no "super champion" exists in
 the weight class.
 Lyle Fitzsimmons is a veteran sports columnist who's written professionally
 since 1988 and covered boxing since 1995. His work is published in print and
 posted online for clients in North America and Europe. Reach him at or follow him on Twitter: @fitzbitz.
 04/24 11:40:01 ET

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