2011 NBA Draft: Kemba Walker
Team Charlotte
Round 1
Selection 9
Position Guard
School Connecticut
Year JR
Height 6-1
Weight 184
High School Rice
Hometown Bronx, NY
2011: Selected by Charlotte in 1st round (9th overall) of the NBA Draft...2014: Re-signed with Charlotte to a four-year contract extension worth $48 million.

2010-11 First-Team All-American...2010-11 First-Team All-Big East Conference...2010-11 Bob Cousy Award winner as nation`s top point guard...2010-11 Final Four MVP...Led UConn to 2011 National Championship...Set school`s single-season record with 965 points... Ranked fourth in the nation and second in the Big East with 23.5 ppg as a junior...Recorded 5.4 rpg and 4.5 apg last season as well...Decided to skip senior campaign to enter this draft...Dominant college player with track record of hitting clutch shots...A true leader who never shies away from a challenge...A prolific scorer who can knock down perimeter jumpers and score at the hoop...Tremendous court vision...An accomplished passer...Improved his shooting stroke tremendously during the course of college career...A tremendous rebounder for his size...Never had a strong second scoring option to work with in college, making accomplishments all the more impressive...Lack of ideal size is biggest knock.

2010 Stats
11/12 Stony Brook34181761524632011
11/17 Vermont374224154844831030
11/22 Wichita State233116811411223003
11/23 @Michigan State383019104612343041
11/24 @Kentucky382917103602262021
11/30 New Hampshire393016721405523021
12/3 UMBC3024139245813101131
12/8 Fair-Dickinson32211373404423211
12/20 Coppin State35201772432543011
12/22 Harvard33201782200040031
12/27 @Pittsburgh353127103822425032
12/31 South Florida43241871917842020
1/4 @Notre Dame37192380307753134
1/8 @Texas43222782418912042
1/11 Rutgers36181572224631010
1/15 @DePaul333117102913453010
1/17 Villanova39241863924650032
1/22 Tennessee40161761321371022
1/25 @Marquette39141650406692021
1/29 Louisville47202372422442012
2/2 Syracuse3881431106650011
2/5 @Seton Hall37191973214532002
2/10 @St Johns36151644304471012
2/13 Providence40221073524671011
2/16 Georgetown4031231314257102121
2/18 @Louisville39161031906631032
2/24 Marquette432727102532521041
2/27 @Cincinnati38161151512342033
3/2 @West Virginia40222384220221011
3/5 Notre Dame4034221121024611010
3/8 DePaul362615801016751041
3/9 @Georgetown362818100833632122
3/10 @Pittsburgh40242280814552032
3/11 @Syracuse45331892131111256041
3/12 @Louisville33191460711233054
3/17 Bucknell351811526178122022
3/19 Cincinnati393320831415651020
3/24 @San Diego St403625124803332041
3/26 Arizona40201771504471020
4/2 Kentucky40181561515672141
4/4 Butler37161950618901022
Season Total154396573931675258531702231847779356

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