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St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs
05/02/14 2:20 PM ET W/LO/UW/LO/UW/LO/U
St. Louis15-1411-15-37-58- 3-18-93-12-2
Chicago Cubs9-1713-12-15-88- 54-95- 7-1
Quickchart Matchup
45.0 IP
30.2 IP
0.78 WHIP
1.34 WHIP
42 KO
31 KO
34 H
24 H
13 R
6 R
3.52 ERA
1.20 ERA
Partly Cloudy Partly cloudy. Winds blowing from right to left field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game Time temperature: Around 80.
St. LouisChicago Cubs
- Starting pitcher Justin Masterson (7/8, right knee inflammation) is expected to be activated from the 15-day disabled list for Saturday's scheduled start against Milwaukee. *Shortstop Daniel Descalso (7/31, bruised right knee) is questionable for Thursday's game against San Diego. Catcher Yadier Molina (7/10, torn ligament in right thumb) is on the 15-day disabled list and is expected to miss 2-3 months. Starting pitcher Michael Wacha (6/18, strained right shoulder) is on the 60-day disabled list. Starting pitcher Jaime Garcia (6/21, left shoulder surgery) is on the 60-day disabled list and will miss the remainder of the season. - Relief pitcher Neil Ramirez (7/26, sore right tricep) is on the 15-day disabled list. Starting pitcher James McDonald (3/21, right shoulder tendinitis) is on the 60-day disabled list. Relief pitcher Kyuji Fujikawa (3/21, right elbow surgery) is on the 60-day disabled list.
Latest News
St. LouisChicago Cubs
05/02 08:06:50 ET Red-hot Wainwright leads Cards into Wrigley
04/30 20:55:16 ET Cardinals beat Brewers to avoid sweep
04/30 08:55:26 ET Miller, Cardinals try to avoid sweep vs. Brewers
05/02 08:06:50 ET Red-hot Wainwright leads Cards into Wrigley
04/30 23:23:19 ET Rizzo powers Cubs past Reds
04/30 11:06:20 ET Cubs, Reds hope for some sunny skies for finale
Starters Overall
Starters Last 3
Overall Stats
St. Louis15-1411-15-3.2462.87.368.314
Chicago Cubs9-1713-12-1.2363.82.355.300
Last 10 Stats
St. Louis4-63- 6-1.2462.64.377.316
Chicago Cubs4-65- 5.2133.62.331.264
Away Stats
St. Louis8-93-12-2.2292.42.331.289
Chicago Cubs4-95- 7-1.2223.57.329.274
Home Stats
St. Louis7-58- 3-1.2683.44.419.346
Chicago Cubs5-88- 5.2514.08.383.327
Recent Meetings
04/12/2014CHC 4.342.500.35STL 10.229.457.250-235/7O
04/11/2014CHC 3.300.400.326-138/7O
09/29/2013CHC 0.290.419.33STL
09/28/2013CHC 2.303.455.37STL 6.219.406.265-190/7O
09/27/2013CHC 0.323.581.47STL
08/18/2013STL 6.222.417.31CHC
08/17/2013STL 4.161.387.25CHC
08/16/2013STL 7.321.357.444125/8.5U
08/11/2013CHC 4.394.515.46STL 8.250.306.325-175/8O
Last 10: St. Louis
04/30/2014MIL 3STL 9-141/7WO.342.658.432
04/29/2014MIL 5STL 4-157/7LO.220.366.304
04/28/2014MIL 5STL 3-160/7LO.234.404.308
04/27/2014PIT 0STL 7-180/7WP.310.655.313
04/26/2014PIT 6STL 1-110/7.5LU.156.219.270
04/25/2014PIT 0STL 1-110/7WU.258.323.343
04/24/2014STL 1NYM 4-130/7LU.125.156.176
04/23/2014STL 2NYM 3-135/6.5LU.297.405.333
04/22/2014STL 3NYM 0-161/7WU.314.314.385
04/21/2014STL 0NYM 2-119/7.5LU.194.226.265
Last 10: Chicago Cubs
04/30/2014CHC 9CIN 4180/7.5WO.325.525.404
04/29/2014CHC 2CIN 3133/7.5LU.242.242.324
04/27/2014CHC 4MIL 0145/7.5WU.265.441.278
04/26/2014CHC 3MIL 5165/7.5LO.129.323.129
04/25/2014CHC 2MIL 5176/8LU.161.194.188
04/24/2014ARI 5CHC 2-120/10.5LU.152.303.200
04/23/2014ARI 7CHC 5-122/6.5LO.167.300.235
04/22/2014ARI 2CHC 9102/7WO.324.471.385
04/21/2014ARI 1CHC 5-112/8.5WU.290.452.371
04/20/2014CIN 8CHC 2133/9LO.306.361.419