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NFL Statistics - Monday Night Football Records of NFL Teams

Team (AFC)WLTPct
Pittsburgh Steelers40240.625
Indianapolis Colts21140.600
Oakland Raiders37271.577
Kansas City Chiefs23170.575
Tennessee Titans21160.568
Jacksonville Jaguars870.533
San Diego Chargers22200.524
Cleveland Browns15140.517
Miami Dolphins40400.500
Baltimore Ravens990.500
New England Patriots22240.478
Denver Broncos29361.447
Houston Texans340.429
Buffalo Bills17230.425
New York Jets20280.417
Cincinnati Bengals10200.333
Team (NFC)WLTPct
Seattle Seahawks2080.714
San Francisco 49ers45250.643
Carolina Panthers740.636
Dallas Cowboys43320.573
Philadelphia Eagles29250.537
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1090.526
New Orleans Saints17180.486
Green Bay Packers *28311.475
Minnesota Vikings26290.473
St. Louis Rams26300.464
Detroit Lions *13151.464
Chicago Bears28350.444
Washington Redskins27360.429
New York Giants22341.395
Arizona Cardinals7151.326
Atlanta Falcons10260.278
* - From 1970-71, tie games were not included in winning percentage.
As of September 30, 2014, at 11:43 AM ET