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2014 NL Walk Rate Leaders
Complete through Saturday, April 19th

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1Jay Bruce, CIN4.95414010
2Andrew McCutchen, PIT5.66815010
3Joey Votto, CIN5.85913210
Adam LaRoche, WAS6.06012000
Troy Tulowitzki, COL6.05311020
6Matt Carpenter, STL6.16313120
7J. Saltalamacchia, MIA6.35310000
8Ryan Howard, PHI7.06010000
9Carlos Ruiz, PHI7.3498100
10Pedro Alvarez, PIT7.36811100
11Eric Young, NYM7.55910213
12Jason Heyward, ATL7.56410100
13Yasiel Puig, LOS7.6518101
14Matt Holliday, STL7.76710000
Ruben Tejada, NYM8.0497000
16Curtis Granderson, NYM8.1578000
17Justin Upton, ATL8.2639110
18Hanley Ramirez, LOS8.3659100
19Freddie Freeman, ATL8.3639210
20Christian Yelich, MIA8.6689000
21Brandon Crawford, SFG8.7517120
22Jedd Gyorko, SDP8.8618010
23Hunter Pence, SFG8.8699100
24Travis d`Arnaud, NYM8.8476000
25Giancarlo Stanton, MIA9.1739000
26Jayson Werth, WAS9.3658100
27Garrett Jones, MIA9.3658010
28Buster Posey, SFG9.4597000
29Jonathan Lucroy, MIL9.7617000
30Pablo Sandoval, SFG9.8708000
31Jimmy Rollins, PHI9.9617001
32Todd Frazier, CIN9.9627000
Anthony Rizzo, CHC10.0607210
34Starling Marte, PIT10.4738200
35DJ LeMahieu, COL10.5566010
36Carlos Gonzalez, COL10.6677000
37Lucas Duda, NYM10.6475100
38Casey McGehee, MIA10.7677010
39Miguel Montero, ARI10.7637230
40Domonic Brown, PHI10.8596000

As of April 20, 2014, at 04:33 AM ET

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