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Troy Tulowitzki
Tulo doesn't want a trade ... yet
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Chris Ruddick - MLB Editor
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki hasn't officially asked the Colorado Rockies for a trade.

The key word there, of course, being officially.

Earlier this week, it was reported the oft-injured All-Star was thinking of asking the Rockies to put him and the $100-plus million remaining on his contract on the trading block.

Tulowitzki, though, denied the claims on Thursday after his team snapped an 11-game losing streak with a win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"The one thing I do want to make clear is that I don't know where the talk came from of me demanding a trade," he said. "There is no talk like that and never has been. And my relationship with the Rockies ... we never wanted it to get to that point."

The problem is the damage is already done. We know Tulo wants out of Colorado. And who can blame him? The Rockies are about as awful a franchise as there is in the league at the moment and if they ever do turn it around, he'll likely be long gone.

He doesn't want to be viewed as a bad guy who's jumping ship, either. So he gets it out there through the media that he may want a change, but in the end denies everything with the team knowing full well he wants out.

It's actually not as devious as it sounds, though. Colorado owner Dick Monfort loves Tulowitzki and would do anything for him. And that includes moving him if that is what he truly really wants.

Let's face it, the Rockies would get a haul for the four-time All-Star and there's no better way to rebuild than to unload a star who is in the prime of his career.

When Tulowitzki is healthy, he's as good as any player in the game. But, the problem has always been keeping him on the field. As much as he may or may not want to leave Colorado, it still may not be that easy for the Rockies to move him.

For one, his contract is insane. Let me rephrase that: It's insane for a player who hasn't played more than 100 games in two of the last three years.

And two, times are a changing across the Major League Baseball landscape. Teams are holding onto their own prospects. It's rare nowadays that the true blue chippers are moved. Teams want the next Mike Trout.

And that's what it would take to get Tulo. Or at least it should be.

Then again, if Tulowitzki was a free agent after this season, he'd probably command somewhere in the range of the $20 million a year he's due to be paid over the next four years.

Of course, you look around the league and the one team that jumps off the page that could be in the Tulo market are the New York Mets, who need a bat in the worst way. Not to mention someone who plays the shortstop position.

With the pitching they already possess, if the Mets can land a player like Tulowitzki, they can contend with the Washington Nationals in the NL East this season.

Washington is already starting to make its move and the Mets, well, they are going in the other direction and were punchless in a four-game sweep at the hands of the Chicago Cubs earlier this week.

The Mets have the prospects to get it done, especially in the pitching department.

Does Colorado need some pitching? Well, Kyle Kendrick was the Rockies' Opening Day starter and he's currently pitching to a 7.65 ERA.

But Tulowitzki doesn't want a trade ... yet. Wink, wink.