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Dallas Mavericks 2014 Draft Preview

Draft picks: 2nd round (34th, 51st overall)

By Jim Brighters, NBA Editor

( - The Dallas Mavericks have no first-round pick this year, and there are a shocking number of questions heading into the summer months.

The Mavericks don't have a first-rounder because of an ill-fated trade from a few years ago. More on that later.

First, future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki is a free agent. No one really expects the career Maverick to bolt Big D, but there are other key pieces free to walk from this No. 8 seed that went the distance with the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs.

Veteran forwards Shawn Marion and Vince Carter are both free agents. These two, like Nowitzki, are probably returning to the fold, although both will have suitors.

That might mean the Mavs could look at forward help with their second-round picks. With owner Mark Cuban and the Dallas front office, trading into the first round always looms as a possibility.

As for that lost pick, it was top-20 protected, but that disappeared when the Mavs won 49 games. This choice was shipped to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for ... Lamar Odom.

He spent just under a season with the Mavs as personality clashes led to his banishment from the team.

Players under contract: G Monta Ellis; G Jose Calderon; C Brandan Wright; C Samuel Dalembert; G Wayne Ellington; G Shane Larkin; G Ricky Ledo; G Gal Mekel

Free agents: F Dirk Nowitzki; F Shawn Marion; F Vince Carter; G Devin Harris; C DeJuan Blair; C Bernard James; F Jae Crowder (team option)

Recent Draft History: 2013: Kelly Olynyk (13), Mike Muscala (44)

2012: Tyler Zeller (17), Darius Johnson-Odom (55)

2011: Jordan Hamilton (26)

2010: Solomon Alabi (50)

2009: Byron Mullens (24), Ahmad Nivins (56)

06/18 13:29:39 ET