=== Report: Three Navy players face charges over alleged rape ===
 (Sports  Network) - Officials at the U.S, Naval Academy will reportedly charge
 three  football players  in  connection  with the  alleged  rape  of a  female
 midshipman in April of 2012.
 According   to  multiple  media  sources,  the  incident  occurred  after  the
 woman,  whose name  was  not  disclosed, attended  a  party  at an  off-campus
 property known as the "football house" in Annapolis.
 The  alleged  victim then  woke up at  the house the  next morning with little
 recollection  of what  happened,  according  to a  reported  statement by  the
 woman's  lawyer. She  learned  through  friends and  social  media that  three
 football  players were claiming they had sexual intercourse with her while she
 was incapacitated.
 The  three  football players' names  have yet to be  revealed, as Navy has not
 completed  an official charge sheet. However, all of them reportedly remain at
 the Naval Academy and were allowed to play football during the 2012 season.
 The  midshipman reported  the  incident to  the  Naval Criminal  Investigation
 Service,  which  started an investigation  that lasted until November, but did
 not  press  charges,  according  to  the Military  Times.  NCIS  reopened  the
 investigation  in February and has since completed it and has been reviewed by
 the superintendent.
 According  to the Baltimore Sun, Navy spokesman Cmdr. John Schofield confirmed
 that  all three  football players will face an Article 32 hearing. The hearing
 will  begin a  process similar to a civilian grand jury investigation in order
 to  determine  if a  general  court-martial  is warranted,  if  administrative
 sanctions are to be ordered, or to dismiss the charges.
 06/17 21:20:13 ET