Cano on way to special season?
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - One of the so-called truths which most fantasy owners live (and die) by is that past performance is an huge indicator of future performance.

We expect Albert Pujols to hit 30+ home runs, knock in 100+ runs and hit over .300 because when we look at his statistics from 2001 through 2008 he has done it 100% of the time. So in 2009, when we draft Pujols, we expect him to do it again.

New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano has also shown the same consistency as Pujols. In every year Cano has been in the big leagues, he's hit better in the second half than first half. That statistic might be put to the test in 2009, because Cano is off to the best start of his career.

Through May 1, Cano is batting .378 with 20 runs scored, five HRs, 17 RBIs and an OPS of 1.001. He had his best April ever, batting .366 - 50 points better than any other time in his career.

He looks confident and relaxed up at the plate and seems to be on his way to his best season ever. Given that the new Yankee Stadium is giving up the long ball more than "old" Yankees Stadium, it's possible that Cano could hit 25-30 homers this year. Couple that with a career .300+ batting average and you have a top-five second baseman.

And if his historical increase in second-half performance continues in 2009, then he could end the season as a top-three player at his position likely alongside Chase Utley and Ian Kinsler.

Considering his preseason Average Draft Position (ADP) was 75 and he was the eighth second baseman selected in most drafts, Cano's playing well above his expected value.

Obviously, Cano is on someone's roster, but he might be a guy worth trading for even if you have to overpay, because as good as he is now, based on past history, he's likely to be even better this summer.

Robinson Cano Pre/Post All Star Break Batting Average
Year Team Pre-All Star Post All Star
2005 NYY 0.288 0.303
2006 NYY 0.325 0.365
2007 NYY 0.274 0.343
2008 NYY 0.246 0.307
2009 NYY 0.378 ?????

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