Football Bowl Subdivision
                  === Tulane safety Walker fractures spine ===
 Tulsa,  OK  (Sports Network) - Tulane  safety Devon Walker fractured his spine
 during Saturday's game against Tulsa.
 Walker was hurt while making a tackle in the first half of the 45-10 loss when
 his helmet collided with the helmet of a teammate. He left in an ambulance and
 was taken to the hospital.
 "Tulsa  medical staff did  a great job taking care of him. Full compliments to
 them,"  Tulane physician  Buddy Savoie said. "He is at the hospital right now,
 and he is stable. Currently he is in traction. He did sustain a cervical spine
 fracture.  He has a lot of edema in his neck. He is currently in traction, and
 he  is being treated for that edema, and the plan currently is for him to have
 surgery  in the next  day or two. There are great spine surgeons involved, and
 that is all that we know at the moment."
 Savoie   went   on  to  say   that  Walker  "actually  never  completely  lost
 consciousness" and was breathing.
 "There  are always concerns about stability, but he is stable right now and he
 was stable when we transported him," Savoie said. "I do not think based on the
 information  that I have  that his life was ever in danger or at risk. I think
 the  medical staff,  both our  Tulane trainers  and Tulsa  medical team  did a
 fantastic job stabilizing this young man with a severe injury."
 09/08 20:42:55 ET