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Major League Baseball
Final 2014 MLB Statistics - Divisional and Interleague Records
(Complete through Sunday, September 28th)

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National League
Arizona Diamondbacks11-2115-1931-457-13
Atlanta Braves40-3620-1312-217-13
Chicago Cubs16-1633-4315-199-11
Cincinnati Reds14-1840-3616-186-14
Colorado Rockies13-2010-2336-407-13
Los Angeles Dodgers18-1415-1950-2611-9
Miami Marlins33-4314-1817-1713-7
Milwaukee Brewers15-1936-4020-1211-9
New York Mets38-3816-1814-1811-9
Philadelphia Phillies34-4215-1817-167-13
Pittsburgh Pirates21-1336-4020-1211-9
St. Louis Cardinals17-1645-3120-138-12
San Diego Padres17-1718-1433-439-11
San Francisco Giants22-1216-1640-3610-10
Washington Nationals45-3117-1624-910-10

American League
Baltimore Orioles47-2916-1721-1212-8
Boston Red Sox31-4517-1614-199-11
Chicago White Sox16-1833-4313-1911-9
Cleveland Indians19-1439-3717-1610-10
Detroit Tigers17-1543-3318-1612-8
Houston Astros16-1814-1835-415-15
Kansas City Royals17-1739-3718-1415-5
LA Angels of Anaheim19-1424-943-3312-8
Minnesota Twins14-1836-4011-239-11
New York Yankees37-3919-1615-1613-7
Oakland Athletics20-1217-1738-3813-7
Seattle Mariners18-1519-1441-359-11
Tampa Bay Rays36-4014-1817-1710-10
Texas Rangers10-2314-1933-4310-10
Toronto Blue Jays39-3716-1615-1913-7

As of September 29, 2014, at 10:19 AM ET

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