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Major League Baseball
Final 2014 AL Walk Rate Leaders
Complete through Sunday, September 28th

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1Carlos Santana, CLE5.8541113330
2Jose Bautista, TOR6.5553104961
3Adam Dunn, OAK7.242971740
4Nyjer Morgan, CLE7.4417013
5Dexter Fowler, HOU7.743466311
6Brian Dozier, MIN7.959889983
7David Ortiz, BOS8.051875360
8Coco Crisp, OAK8.146366061
9Mike Trout, ANA8.56028310100
10Brad Snyder, TEX8.5304000
11Joe Mauer, MIN8.645560120
12Brandon Moss, OAK8.7500671030
13Ben Zobrist, TAM8.757075162
14Edwin Encarnacion, TOR8.747762210
15Chris Davis, BAL8.845060951
16Mark Teixeira, NYY8.844058640
17Shin-Soo Choo, TEX9.1455581240
18Josh Donaldson, OAK9.160876740
19Victor Martinez, DET9.256170460
20Jason Kubel, MIN9.315619100
21Chris Dickerson, CLE9.39812002
22Alex Gordon, KAN9.9563651140
23Chris Carter, HOU10.250756540
24Adrian Beltre, TEX10.854957350
25Robinson Cano, SEA10.959561630
26Trevor Plouffe, MIN11.052053450
27Jed Lowrie, OAK11.150251562
28Jason Kipnis, CLE11.150050221
29Brett Gardner, NYY11.4555566613
30Miguel Cabrera, DET11.4611603110
31Nick Markakis, BAL11.564262420
32Desmond Jennings, TAM11.547947619
33Dustin Pedroia, BOS11.955151160
34Jose Abreu, CWS12.2556511140
35Evan Longoria, TAM12.362457991
36Yunel Escobar, TAM12.347643424
37Nelson Cruz, BAL12.361355550
38Brian Roberts, NYY12.431728111
39Adam Eaton, CWS12.548643522
40Kyle Seager, SEA12.659052831

As of September 29, 2014, at 02:21 AM ET

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