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PGA Tour
$ The Presidents Cup
Royal Melbourne Golf Club
Par 72 - 6981 Yards
Melbourne, Australia
Nov 17 - Nov 20, 2011
Sunday's fifth round matches
K Kim (INT) def. W Simpson (0), 1-up
C Schwartzel (0) def. D Johnson (USA), 2&1
R Ishikawa (INT) def. B Watson (0), 3&2
G Ogilvy (0) def. B Haas (USA), 2-up
H Mahan (0) def. J Day (0), 5&3
N Watney (n/a) def. K Choi (0), 3&2
A Scott (INT) def. P Mickelson (USA), 2&1
R Goosen (INT) def. M Kuchar (USA), 1-up
J Furyk (USA) def. E Els (n/a), 4&3
D Toms (0) def. R Allenby (AUS), 7&5
T Woods (USA) def. A Baddeley (INT), 4&3
S Stricker (0) def. Y Yang (INT), 2&1
Saturday's fourth round matches
C Schwartzel/R Goosen (0) def. W Simpson/B Watson (0), 2&1
K Kim/Y Yang (INT) def. T Woods/D Johnson (USA), 1-up
G Ogilvy/K Choi (0) def. S Stricker/M Kuchar (0), 1-up
H Mahan/B Haas (0) def. J Day/A Baddeley (0), 2&1
J Furyk/N Watney (USA) def. A Scott/E Els (INT), 1-up
Saturday's third round matches
B Watson/W Simpson (0) def. R Allenby/G Ogilvy (AUS), 3&2
E Els/R Ishikawa (n/a) def. B Haas/M Kuchar (USA), 1-up
D Toms/H Mahan (0) def. R Goosen/C Schwartzel (INT), 5&4
T Woods/D Johnson (USA) def. A Scott/K Choi (INT), 3&2
P Mickelson/J Furyk (USA) def. J Day/A Baddeley (0), 2&1
Friday's second round matches
B Watson/W Simpson (0) def. E Els/R Ishikawa (n/a), 3&1
J Day/A Baddeley (0) def. T Woods/D Johnson (USA), 1-up
J Furyk/P Mickelson (USA) def. A Scott/K Kim (INT), 2&1
K Choi/G Ogilvy (0) def. B Haas/N Watney (USA), 1-up
M Kuchar/S Stricker (USA) def. R Allenby/Y Yang (AUS), 4&3
C Schwartzel/R Goosen (0) def. D Toms/H Mahan (0), 2&1
Thursday's first round matches
W Simpson/B Watson (0) def. E Els/R Ishikawa (n/a), 4&2
B Haas/N Watney (USA) vs. G Ogilvy/C Schwartzel (0), halved
D Johnson/M Kuchar (USA) vs. A Baddeley/J Day (INT), halved
P Mickelson/J Furyk (USA) def. R Goosen/R Allenby (INT), 4&3
H Mahan/D Toms (0) def. Y Yang/K Kim (INT), 6&5
A Scott/K Choi (INT) def. T Woods/S Stricker (USA), 7&6
USA wins 19-15...The U.S. has won four straight Presidents Cups and moved its all-time record to 7-1-1...Jim Furyk became the third player in Presidents Cup history to go 5-0.

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