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Men's College Basketball
Top 25 Assist Leaders
1Kahlil FelderOakland312387.7
2DJ ColeYoungstown St311474.7
3Steve McWhorterMilwaukee301374.6
4Keifer SykesGreen Bay301254.2
5Charlie LeeCleveland State24994.1
6D'Juan MillerIll-Chicago20804.0
7Keith CarterValparaiso21753.6
8Jordan FouseGreen Bay301063.5
9Jay HarrisIll-Chicago27943.5
10Joe ThomassonWright State27873.2
11Carrington LoveGreen Bay30943.1
12Trey LewisCleveland State30862.9
13Marcus KeeneYoungstown St31852.7
14Chrishawn HopkinsWright State28742.6
15Juwan Howard, Jr.Detroit31762.5
16Paris BurnsIll-Chicago28682.4
17Reggie ArceneauxWright State30652.2
18Kaza KeaneCleveland State30632.1
19JT YohoWright State16332.1
20Bobby HainYoungstown St31612.0
Corey PetrosOakland31612.0
Jarod WilliamsDetroit31612.0
23Paris BassDetroit31601.9
24E. Victor NickersonValparaiso30581.9
25Darien WalkerValparaiso31591.9

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