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National Hockey League

Final 2014-2015 NHL Goals Allowed Home and Away

(Complete through Saturday, April 11th)

Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins922.21192.92112.57
Buffalo Sabres1202.91543.82743.34
Carolina Hurricanes942.31323.22262.76
Columbus Blue Jackets1333.21172.92503.05
Detroit Red Wings1032.51182.92212.70
Florida Panthers1102.71132.82232.72
Montreal Canadiens922.2972.41892.30
New Jersey Devils902.21263.12162.63
New York Islanders1122.71182.92302.80
New York Rangers992.4932.31922.34
Ottawa Senators1192.9962.32152.62
Philadelphia Flyers1022.51323.22342.85
Pittsburgh Penguins1052.61052.62102.56
Tampa Bay Lightning892.21223.02112.57
Toronto Maple Leafs1283.11343.32623.20
Washington Capitals952.31082.62032.48

Western Conference

Anaheim Ducks1102.71162.82262.76
Arizona Coyotes1333.21393.42723.32
Calgary Flames1092.71072.62162.63
Chicago Blackhawks932.3962.31892.30
Colorado Avalanche1112.71162.82272.77
Dallas Stars1323.21283.12603.17
Edmonton Oilers1253.01583.92833.45
Los Angeles Kings872.11182.92052.50
Minnesota Wild1042.5972.42012.45
Nashville Predators1002.41082.62082.54
St. Louis Blues952.31062.62012.45
San Jose Sharks1152.81172.92322.83
Vancouver Canucks1102.71122.72222.71
Winnipeg Jets1022.51082.62102.56
As of April 12, 2015, at 05:56 AM ET

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