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Major League Baseball Transactions
For The Last 7 Days
07/27/2014Erisbel Arruebarrena, 3BActivated from the 15-day disabled list and optioned to Rancho Cucamonga (CAL)
07/27/2014Esmil Rogers, RPDesignated for assignment
07/27/2014Nolan Reimold, LFActivated from the 15-day disabled list
07/27/2014Collin McHugh, SPActivated from the 15-day disabled list
07/27/2014Paul Clemens, RPRecalled from Oklahoma City (PCL)
07/27/2014Curtis Partch, RPOptioned to Louisville (INT)
07/27/2014Jack Hannahan, 3BActivated from the 60-day disabled list
07/27/2014Allen Webster, SPRecalled from Pawtucket (INT)
07/26/2014Allen Webster, SPOptioned to Pawtucket (INT)
07/26/2014Tyler Pastornicky, SSOptioned to Gwinnett (INT)
07/26/2014Edwin Escobar, RPOptioned to Pawtucket (INT)
07/26/2014Heath Hembree, RPOptioned to Pawtucket (INT)
07/26/2014Cliff Pennington, 2BSent to minors for rehabilitation
07/26/2014Joel Peralta, RPSent to minors for rehabilitation
07/26/2014Jordan Lyles, SPSent to minors for rehabilitation
07/26/2014Josh Zeid, RPPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/26/2014Brad Peacock, SPOptioned to Oklahoma City (PCL)
07/26/2014Fernando Salas, RPOptioned to Salt Lake (PCL)
07/26/2014J.B. Shuck, CFRecalled from Salt Lake (PCL)
07/26/2014Zach McAllister, SPRecalled from Columbus (INT)
07/26/2014Josh Tomlin, SPOptioned to Columbus (INT)
07/26/2014Juan Carlos Oviedo, RPDesignated for assignment
07/26/2014Jeremy Hellickson, SPRecalled from Durham (INT)
07/26/2014Philip Gosselin, 2BRecalled from Gwinnett (INT)
07/26/2014Yonder Alonso, 1BActivated from the 15-day disabled list
07/26/2014Jake Goebbert, LFOptioned to El Paso (PCL)
07/26/2014Randy Wolf, SPSigned to a minor league contract
07/26/2014Andrew Susac, CContract selected from Fresno (PCL)
07/26/2014Hector Sanchez, CPlaced on the 7-day disabled list
07/26/2014Blake Parker, RPRecalled from Iowa (PCL)
07/26/2014Neil Ramirez, RPOptioned to Iowa (PCL)
07/26/2014Buddy Carlyle, RPContract selected from Las Vegas (PCL)
07/26/2014Daisuke Matsuzaka, SPPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/26/2014Edwin Escobar, RPAcquired from San Francisco
07/26/2014Edwin Escobar, RPTraded to Boston
07/26/2014Heath Hembree, RPAcquired from San Francisco
07/26/2014Heath Hembree, RPTraded to Boston
07/26/2014Jake Peavy, SPAcquired from Boston
07/26/2014Jake Peavy, SPTraded to San Francisco
07/26/2014Nick Evans, 1BReleased
07/26/2014A.J. Pierzynski, CSigned and activated
07/26/2014George Kottaras, CDesignated for assignment
07/26/2014Logan Darnell, SPRecalled from Rochester (INT)
07/26/2014Jorge Polanco, 2BOptioned to New Britain (EAS)
07/26/2014Alberto Callaspo, 2BSent to minors for rehabilitation
07/25/2014Chris Capuano, RPActivated
07/25/2014Kendrys Morales, DHActivated
07/25/2014Jose De Paula, RPDesignated for assignment
07/25/2014Bruce Billings, SPOutrighted to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (INT)
07/25/2014Jesus Montero, DHOptioned to Tacoma (PCL)
07/25/2014Dan Uggla, 2BContract selected from Fresno (PCL)
07/25/2014Tony Abreu, 2BContract selected from Fresno (PCL)
07/25/2014Nick Noonan, 2BDesignated for assignment
07/25/2014Ehire Adrianza, SSPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/25/2014Marco Scutaro, 2BPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/25/2014Kevin Kouzmanoff, 3BTransferred to the 60-day disabled list
07/25/2014Joseph Ortiz, RPActivated from the 60-day disabled list and optioned to Frisco (TEX)
07/25/2014Justin Marks, RPReleased
07/25/2014Jake Smolinski, LFPlaced on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to July 22
07/25/2014Gregorio Petit, 2BContract selected from Oklahoma City (PCL)
07/25/2014Anthony Bass, RPOptioned to Oklahoma City (PCL)
07/25/2014Matt Albers, RPTransferred to the 60-day disabled list
07/25/2014J.T. Realmuto, CRecalled from Jacksonville (SOU)
07/25/2014Anthony DeSclafani, SPOptioned to New Orleans (PCL)
07/25/2014Gus Schlosser, SPOptioned to Gwinnett (INT)
07/25/2014Anthony Varvaro, RPActivated from the paternity leave list
07/25/2014Deck McGuire, SPAcquired from Toronto and optioned to Sacramento (PCL)
07/25/2014Deck McGuire, SPTraded to Oakland
07/25/2014Jace Peterson, SSOptioned to El Paso (PCL)
07/25/2014Jeff Manship, RPOutrighted to Lehigh Valley (INT)
07/25/2014Eury Perez, RFActivated from the 60-day disabled list and optioned to Syracuse (INT)
07/25/2014Matt Purke, SPRecalled from Harrisburg (EAS) and placed on the 60-day disabled list
07/25/2014Chris Leroux, RPDesignated for assignment
07/25/2014Jerome Williams, SPContract selected from Round Rock (PCL)
07/25/2014Jesse Hahn, RPRecalled from El Paso (PCL)
07/25/2014Brad Mills, SPOutrighted to Buffalo (INT)
07/24/2014Chris Capuano, RPAcquired from Colorado
07/24/2014Chris Capuano, RPTraded to New York Yankees
07/24/2014Willie Bloomquist, CFPlaced on 15-day disabled list
07/24/2014Jesus Montero, DHRecalled from Tacoma (PCL)
07/24/2014Chris Taylor, SSContract purchased from Tacoma (PCL)
07/24/2014Andre Rienzo, SPRecalled from Charlotte (INT)
07/24/2014Zach Putnam, RPPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/24/2014Kirk Nieuwenhuis, CFOptioned to Las Vegas (PCL)
07/24/2014Taijuan Walker, SPOptioned to Tacoma (PCL)
07/24/2014Jorge Polanco, 2BRecalled from Fort Myers (FSL)
07/24/2014Kendrys Morales, DHAcquired from Minnesota
07/24/2014Kendrys Morales, DHTraded to Seattle
07/24/2014Stephen Pryor, RPAcquired from Seattle and optioned to Rochester (INT)
07/24/2014Stephen Pryor, RPTraded to Minnesota
07/24/2014Wilmer Flores, SSRecalled from Las Vegas (PCL)
07/24/2014Jimmy Paredes, 3BAcquired from Kansas City and optioned to Norfolk (INT)
07/24/2014Jimmy Paredes, 3BTraded to Baltimore
07/24/2014Jim Johnson, RPDesignated for assignment
07/24/2014Evan Scribner, RPRecalled from Sacramento (PCL)
07/24/2014Brandon Sisk, RPSigned to a minor league contract
07/24/2014Mitch Moreland, DHTransferred to the 60-day disabled list
07/24/2014Nate Adcock, RPContract selected from Round Round (PCL)
07/23/2014Erisbel Arruebarrena, 3BSent to minors for rehabilitation
07/23/2014Joakim Soria, RPAcquired from Texas
07/23/2014Joakim Soria, RPTraded to Detroit
07/23/2014Corey Knebel, RPAcquired from Detroit and optioned to Round Rock (PCL)
07/23/2014Corey Knebel, RPTraded to Texas
07/23/2014Blake Beavan, SPOptioned to Tacoma (PCL)
07/23/2014Jair Jurrjens, SPOutrighted to Colorado Springs (PCL)
07/23/2014Taijuan Walker, SPOptioned to Tacoma (PCL)
07/23/2014Buddy Carlyle, RPOutrighted to Las Vegas (PCL)
07/23/2014C.J. Cron, DHRecalled from Salt Lake (PCL)
07/23/2014Grant Green, 2BPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/23/2014Matt Guerrier, RPDesignated for assignment
07/23/2014Ryan Pressly, RPRecalled from Rochester (INT)
07/23/2014George Springer, CFPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/23/2014Marc Krauss, LFRecalled from Oklahoma City (PCL)
07/23/2014Starling Marte, LFPlaced on the 7-day disabled list
07/23/2014Brent Morel, 3BRecalled from Indianapolis (INT)
07/23/2014Cameron Maybin, CFSuspended 25-games by (MLB) for testing positive for amphetamines
07/23/2014Anthony Varvaro, RPPlaced on the paternity leave list
07/23/2014Gus Schlosser, RPRecalled from Gwinnett (INT)
07/23/2014Sergio Santos, RPOutrighted to Buffalo (INT)
07/23/2014Phillippe Aumont, RPRecalled from Lehigh Valley (INT)
07/23/2014Cameron Rupp, COptioned to Lehigh Valley (INT)
07/23/2014Jeff Manship, RPDesignated for assignment
07/23/2014Carlos Ruiz, CActivated from the 7-day disabled list
07/23/2014Ryan Zimmerman, 3BPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/23/2014Zach Walters, SSRecalled from Syracuse (INT)
07/23/2014Chris Leroux, RPContract selected from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (INT)
07/23/2014Bruce Billings, SPDesignated for assignment
07/23/2014Kelly Johnson, LFPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/23/2014Kevin Siegrist, RPActivated from the 15-day disabled list
07/23/2014Nick Greenwood, RPOptioned to Memphis (PCL)
07/23/2014Jeff Francoeur, RFContract selected from El Paso (PCL)
07/23/2014Mike Olt, 3BOptioned to Iowa (PCL)
07/23/2014T.J. House, SPOptioned to Columbus (INT)
07/23/2014Jose Ramirez, 2BRecalled from Columbus (INT)
07/23/2014Erasmo Ramirez, SPOptioned to Tacoma (PCL)
07/23/2014Tsuyoshi Wada, RPRecalled from Iowa (PCL)
07/23/2014Taijuan Walker, SPRecalled from Tacoma (PCL)
07/22/2014Alfredo Marte, LFRecalled from Reno (PCL)
07/22/2014Cody Ross, RFPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/22/2014Preston Guilmet, RPOptioned to Norfolk (INT)
07/22/2014Troy Tulowitzki, SSPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/22/2014Darin Ruf, RFRecalled from Lehigh Valley (INT)
07/22/2014John Mayberry, CFPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/22/2014C.C. Lee, RPOptioned to Columbus (INT)
07/22/2014Joel Peralta, RPPlaced on 15-day disabled list, retroactive to July 13
07/22/2014Jeff Beliveau, RPRecalled from Durham (INT)
07/22/2014Collin McHugh, SPSent to minors for rehabilitation
07/22/2014Geovany Soto, CPlaced on the 15-day disabled list
07/22/2014Darin Mastroianni, CFOptioned to Buffalo (INT)
07/22/2014Emilio Bonifacio, 2BActivated from the 15-day disabled list
07/22/2014Darwin Barney, 2BDesignated for assignment
07/22/2014Curtis Partch, RPRecalled from Louisville (INT)
07/22/2014Logan Ondrusek, RPPlaced on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to July 13
07/22/2014Erik Kratz, COptioned to Buffalo (INT)
07/22/2014Brad Mills, SPDesignated for assignment
07/22/2014Yangervis Solarte, 3BAcquired from the NY Yankees
07/22/2014Yangervis Solarte, 3BTraded to San Diego
07/22/2014Rafael De Paula, SPAcquired from the NY Yankees
07/22/2014Rafael De Paula, SPTraded to San Diego
07/22/2014Chase Headley, 3BAcquired from San Diego
07/22/2014Chase Headley, 3BTraded to the NY Yankees
07/22/2014Esmil Rogers, RPContract selected from Buffalo (INT)
07/22/2014Miguel Gonzalez, SPRecalled from Norfolk (INT)
07/22/2014Nick Martinez, SPActivated from the 15-day disabled list
07/22/2014Aaron Sanchez, RPContract selected from Buffalo (INT)
07/22/2014Ryan Goins, 2BRecalled from Buffalo (INT)
07/22/2014Yohan Flande, SPRecalled from Colorado Springs (PCL)
07/22/2014Josh Reddick, RFActivated from the 15-day disabled list
07/22/2014Ian Stewart, 3BOutrighted to Salt Lake (PCL)
07/22/2014Josh Beckett, SPActivated from the 15-day disabled list
07/22/2014Danny Salazar, SPRecalled from Columbus (INT)
07/22/2014Andy Parrino, 2BOptioned to Sacramento (PCL)
07/22/2014Everth Cabrera, SSSent to minors for rehabilitation
07/22/2014Tim Beckham, SSSent to minors for rehabilitation
07/22/2014Justin Morneau, 1BPlaced on 15-day disabled list, retroactive to July 14
07/22/2014Kris Johnson, RPOptioned to Rochester (INT)
07/22/2014Yohan Pino, RPRecalled from Rochester (INT)
07/22/2014Erasmo Ramirez, SPRecalled from Tacoma (PCL)
07/22/2014Justin Smoak, 1BOptioned to Tacoma (PCL)
07/22/2014Paco Rodriguez, RPOptioned to Albuquerque (PCL)

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