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Sports Network's American League Team Rankings

(As of April 20, 2015)

By Chris Ruddick, MLB Editor

TeamRecordPrevious Rank
1. Detroit Tigers10-23
   At what point should we start to worry about Verlander?
2. Kansas City Royals9-38
   Ventura has been great, but developing nasty reputation around league
3. Boston Red Sox8-55
   Mookie Betts might be the most exciting player in the game right now
4. Baltimore Orioles7-66
   Adam Jones for MVP
5. New York Yankees6-69
   Admit it, you didn't think A-Rod would be this good did you?
6. Houston Astros6-613
   As predicted Astros right on pace to lead the league in strikeouts
7. Seattle Mariners5-71
   Nelson Cruz picking right up where he left off last season
8. Oakland Athletics6-710
   A's may have made themselves a new enemy in Kansas City this weekend
9. Toronto Blue Jays6-711
   Jays hope to get Jose Reyes back this week
10. LA Angels of Anaheim5-72
   It was good to see Garrett Richards back on a big league hill
11. Cleveland Indians4-74
   Tribe catch a break with Carrasco injury
12. Chicago White Sox4-77
   White Sox bring Rodon up to pitch out of pen, but for how long
13. Tampa Bay Rays6-712
   The Rays might have the worst lineup in the league; Souza is a star ,though
14. Minnesota Twins5-714
   It is going to be a long year in Minnesota
15. Texas Rangers5-815
   It's going to be even longer in Texas

As of April 20, 2015, at 06:09 PM ET

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