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Pittsburgh Steelers
Name  Willie Parker
Born  11/11/1980
Height  5-10
Weight  210
College  North Carolina
8/3/2012 3:18:00 PM
Description: Former Steelers running back Willie Parker will announce his retirement said Teresa Varley of Steelers.com.
Insight: Parker had three huge fantasy seasons from 2005-2007 (averaged 1,337 yards and 6.3 rushing TDs), but hasn't been on the field since 2009.
5/4/2011 2:25:00 PM
Description: Former Redskins and Steelers RB Willie Parker still wants to play in Pittsburgh again, and says he was playing hurt last preseason in Washington, which is why he was lacking explosion. SOURCE: PRO FOOTBALL TALK
Insight: 'If I had my choice, I'd go back to Pittsburgh with my boys,' Parker said, before recognizing that's not likely to happen. 'Being in Washington, they don't care about football. I didn't feel good from day one there. They weren't about football. They were about partying. . . . You appreciate Pittsburgh a little bit more after going somewhere else,' Parker said on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh Tuesday.
9/15/2010 11:00:00 AM
Description: Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the Packers considered signing Parker before signing Dimitri Nance.
Insight: It's a bad sign for Parker that he lost out to Nance, who was on the Falcons' practice squad, but he would have been a poor fit for the Packers' system. (RapidDraft.com)
9/15/2010 10:17:00 AM
Description: Before signing RB Dimitri Nance off the Falcons' practice squad, the Packers reportedly considered signing free agent RB Willie Parker. SOURCE: MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL
Insight: Nance may be an unknown, but at least he offers much more upside than Parker would have. We doubt Parker would have been able to beat out John Kuhn for the backup spot.
9/5/2010 1:05:00 AM
Description: As should have been expected by anyone outside of Parker's immediate family, Washington released the veteran runner on Saturday.
Insight: It was fun there for a few years, but he's clearly "Past" Willie Parker now. (RapidDraft.com)
9/4/2010 12:41:00 PM
Description: The Redskins have released RB Willie Parker. SOURCE: TWITTER
Insight: Not really a surprise. Parker lost his burst and offers nothing in the passing game. We'd be surprised if he even gets a "kick the tires" look before the start of the regular season.
8/25/2010 10:01:00 AM
Description: The Washington Post reports Redskins' head coach Mike Shanahan singled out pass protection as something Parker needs to work on.
Insight: There's a good chance Parker does not make the Redskins' final roster. (Rapid Draft.com)
8/16/2010 3:25:00 PM
Description: The Fredricksburg Freelance Star reports Redskins' head coach Mike Shanahan confirmed that Parker will play with the first-string offense in two weeks against the Jets.
Insight: Parker's chances of making the Redskins' final roster seem slim at this point, so he may need to really impress in his stint with the starters. (Rapid Draft.com)
7/28/2010 2:31:00 PM
Description: The Washington Examiner reports Parker likely will slot in as the Redskins' No. 3 running back heading into training camp.
Insight: Parker is likely to be behind Clinton Portis and Larry Johnson in Washington's RB pecking order. His spot on the Redskins' final roster does not seem to be guaranteed. (Rapid Draft.com)
6/23/2010 12:22:00 PM
Description: Ryan O'Halloran of CSN Washington.com predicts Parker will not make the Redskins' final roster.
Insight: O'Halloran currently has Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson and Ryan Torain ahead of Parker. He will likely need an injury to earn a roster spot. (SportsBuff.com)
6/2/2010 10:50:00 PM
Description: Comcast Sports Washington reports Parker has shown little burst on the practice field at Redskins' OTAs.
Insight: Parker may be in danger of not making the Redskins' final roster if he can't improve, and could easily be out of the NFL if he is cut. (SportsBuff.com)
4/2/2010 11:19:00 PM
Description: ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Redskins have signed Parker to a one-year deal with a max value of $3.1 million.
Insight: Parker joins Clinton Portis and Larry Johnson in what is expected to be an open competition. He is probably the worst fantasy bet of the three, barring something unforeseen. (SportsBuff.com)
4/2/2010 3:01:00 PM
Description: Parker is disputing the account that he said he would rather retire than play for the Steelers again after the way he was treated.
Insight: How does that crow taste, Willie? He likely took a look around the league, found no market for his services and decided that perhaps his old employer wasn't so bad after all. (SportsBuff.com)
3/29/2010 7:58:00 PM
Description: According to a source close to the player, Parker is so incensed at how he was treated by Pittsburgh last season that he would rather sit the season out than play for them.
Insight: When will running backs learn that there is no real loyalty in pro football. The end is in sight for Fast Willie and he needs to embrace the fact that, wherever he ends up, he's going to be a backup. (sportsBuff.com)
3/28/2010 8:13:00 PM
Description: The Cleveland Plain Dealer is saying the Browns have no interest in Parker.
Insight: While he may be on his last legs, Parker would be an upgrade over the players they have now. He will likely return to Pittsburgh in some sort of small role. (sportsBuff.com)
3/26/2010 8:22:00 PM
Description: The Steelers could potentially bring Parker back if they don?t address the running back position in the draft.
Insight: Parker in a backup role makes sense and he may actually be productive as such. However, he doesn?t fill the need long-term, so he would be a stopgap measure only. (Sportsbuff.com)
3/22/2010 12:14:00 PM
Description: The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports Parker, who visited the Rams last week, is amenable to playing in St. Louis.
Insight: Parker left St. Louis without a contract, so it's unknown if the team is interested. In any case, the Rams would probably like to find a backup for Steven Jackson this offseason, whether it be in free agency or April's draft. (SportsBuff.com)
3/18/2010 1:17:00 AM
Description: ESPN's Adam Schefter reports, via Twitter, that the Rams are scheduled to host Parker later this week.
Insight: Parker will reportedly arrive in St. Louis on Thursday night and meet with the team on Friday. He doesn't have a lot left in the tank, but he could be a fit as Steven Jackson's backup. (SportsBuff.com)
3/10/2010 8:02:00 PM
Description: Parker is scheduled to meet with the Chiefs on Thursday.
Insight: There doesn't seem to be a huge call for him to sign there now. Still, if you could set the clock back to 2006, you would have a heck of a backfield with both Thomas Jones and Parker, wouldn't you? (SportsBuff.com)
3/8/2010 10:18:00 AM
Description: The Washington Post reports Parker will visit the Redskins in the coming weeks.
Insight: The Redskins released Ladell Betts and Rock Cartwright last week, so they need to add some RB depth behind Clinton Portis. (SportsBuff.com)

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